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Yup. Alive.

Yup. I am alive. Kind of busy with life. I guess priorities in life change :) — and obviously, blogging is currently not at the top of that list :)………. All good…!!

Amogh keeping us busy!

Nothing much happening :).. .. kind of busy with work and home :)

Amogh is keeping both me and Chitra busy!.

Boy.. he is growing so fast. Already 10 months old now!. He has started to walk.. takes around two to three steps.. and then realizes that he can crawl faster.. and crawls :)

He has also started to blabber words…which only he can understand ;) …… its really soo much fun to watch him grow and learn new tricks every day :)

Nothing much happening otherwise….!!!

I am alive!

Yup, its been a long long time since I posted. So this post is to tell everyone that I am alive :)

Life has been pretty hectic off late. Moved into a new project and so far I have been liking it, and its keeping me busy!

On personal front, Chitra and Amogh are back in Houston and are doing great. Amogh took about a week to recover from the jet-lag, but now his biological clock is set to Houston timezone! :)

Its fun to see him learn new tricks & grow! :)

Back in Houston

It has been pretty hectic. The much anticipated vacation came and went past soo soon. Landed back in Houston on 3rd June. Well, must say the 1 month vacation was really hectic. Sooo many things to do, places to visit, and soo little time! Well, that’s how it is I guess!

Things done/Places visited in one month:

  • Around 4 trips to Karkala – Visited Karkala Sri Venkataramana Temple, Tellar Devaki Krishna Temple and other deities, visited relatives – √
  • Attended Karkala Rathosava (Carfestival, Teru) – √
  • Two trips to Puttur – visited relatives, temples – √
  • Trip to Manipal – Visited Relatives, MIT, and Manipal — back to Mangalore via Udupi – √
  • Visit to Gurpur Satyadevata temple – √
  • Visit to Chennai – For visa stamping (via Bangalore). The trip was uneventful. Amogh was pretty quite on all the flights. – √
  • Bharat Mall – √
  • Around 4+ visits to Infosys Managlore (Mangala) – √
  • Upgraded home computer (in mangalore) with more RAM and networking support – √
  • Setup a wireless network at my home – √
  • Attended Swami Ramdev’s Yoga classes in Mangalore – √
  • Pabbas – Chocolate Dad, Tiramisu, Parafait – √
  • Cherry Square – Some like it hot – √
  • Chefs, Prax – √
  • Family Photos by Professional Photographer – √
  • Most of Mangalore City, Kadri Temple, Venkataramana Temple – √
  • Visited/met lot of relatives – √

Now that its all over, I am back to work. …….. and I am missing Chitra and Amogh. Both of them are back in Mangalore and will join me in sometime. I don’t know how Amogh would react once he is back here in US!…since he likes to have lot of people around. I have posted some of Amogh’s pics on my Orkut Profile! Check out if you are on my orkut friend list.

Well, on work front, I would be joining a new Project here at BP. So, kind of excited about it.

That’s pretty much it for now!

Dell Inspiron 1420 upgraded from Intel 3945ABG to 4965AGN

Well, we have a Dell Inspiron 1420 [did i mention that before? :)]………. and when we purchased it back in Nov ’07, it came with an Intel 3945ABG WiFi card. The Intel 3945ABG card supports speeds of upto 54 Mbps (802.11g). Its good for accessing the internet, but its slow when you do file transfers between nodes on the local network.

So.., over the past week, upgraded our home network…which involved:
1. Replacing my old D-Link DI-524 router with an 802.11n router
2. And replacing the WiFi Card on the laptop with an 802.11n capable card (Intel 4965AGN WiFi Link card).

Linksys WRT600N Router

For #1, I purchased a Linksys WRT600N router — which is a wireless-N gigabit dual-band router, with storage link — which means, you can connect a USB drive to it, and that drive would be available on your network! (kind of like network attached storage – NAS). So, now, my 750GB Seagate external drive is plugged into it, and all its partitions are now accessible wirelessly as a shared folders! (more…)

I am alive…

Just a note to let you all know that I am alive. ….. Its getting more hectic with every day passing by. Not sure when I would be able to get out of the kind of schedule that I am in!

I know that I have lot of postings/pictures to post … but just not finding the time.

By the way… wishing all the readers a Very Happy New Year – 2007!

Photo Album!

Photo Album
Just added the new “Photos” section to this site. The idea is to share personal pics among friends and relatives.

Did some research over the weekend for some tool to generate web-based photo albums, and finally zeroed in on JAlbum. So far, I am happy with what it does, but I will get to know all the Pros and Cons only after I use it for a while.

BTW, the Photo Album is password protected. If you know me personally, feel free to request for a userid/password using this link.

…. and days pass by!

Oh yes. I am very much alive :) but almost buried in work….. haven’t done much in Houston yet. But I think now I am quite familiar with the places around, and the important roads in Houston.

Last Sunday (24-Sep), we had a Infosys hosted party at a private Ranch called Buck Horn Ranch. It was fun. The Ranch itself was pretty scenic, and it had a pretty huge lake within. There was a toy train too, which took us around the lake. And then there were other fun stuff. The HR folks organized some games tooo. So, it was kind of fun and a good break from the hectic work.

On the work front, lot of things piled up. The month or so has been very very hectic. But things are taking shape slowly. But its definitely taking more time than I expected it to! Oh…and I am learning lot of lessons too.. and I guess, that’s what gaining experience is all about ! :)

Hoping for the best.

ya…ya.. me alive!

Yes.. I am alive :) long time since i posted. Will post some updates soon. Actually kind of busy (and lazy too!). … Weekdays were kind of pretty hectic. And then now we have a long weekend. Thanks to July 4th, US independence day. So 4 day holiday!. … and that’s were I kind of got into the lazy mode. Kind of relaxing after some hectic work days!

We had been to a nearby state park called the Natural Tunnel State park on Saturday, and today (i.e, Monday) we had been to the Smoky Mountains .. So, updates/photos coming soon! Stay tuned………!