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Back in Houston

It has been pretty hectic. The much anticipated vacation came and went past soo soon. Landed back in Houston on 3rd June. Well, must say the 1 month vacation was really hectic. Sooo many things to do, places to visit, and soo little time! Well, that’s how it is I guess!

Things done/Places visited in one month:

  • Around 4 trips to Karkala – Visited Karkala Sri Venkataramana Temple, Tellar Devaki Krishna Temple and other deities, visited relatives – √
  • Attended Karkala Rathosava (Carfestival, Teru) – √
  • Two trips to Puttur – visited relatives, temples – √
  • Trip to Manipal – Visited Relatives, MIT, and Manipal — back to Mangalore via Udupi – √
  • Visit to Gurpur Satyadevata temple – √
  • Visit to Chennai – For visa stamping (via Bangalore). The trip was uneventful. Amogh was pretty quite on all the flights. – √
  • Bharat Mall – √
  • Around 4+ visits to Infosys Managlore (Mangala) – √
  • Upgraded home computer (in mangalore) with more RAM and networking support – √
  • Setup a wireless network at my home – √
  • Attended Swami Ramdev’s Yoga classes in Mangalore – √
  • Pabbas – Chocolate Dad, Tiramisu, Parafait – √
  • Cherry Square – Some like it hot – √
  • Chefs, Prax – √
  • Family Photos by Professional Photographer – √
  • Most of Mangalore City, Kadri Temple, Venkataramana Temple – √
  • Visited/met lot of relatives – √

Now that its all over, I am back to work. …….. and I am missing Chitra and Amogh. Both of them are back in Mangalore and will join me in sometime. I don’t know how Amogh would react once he is back here in US!…since he likes to have lot of people around. I have posted some of Amogh’s pics on my Orkut Profile! Check out if you are on my orkut friend list.

Well, on work front, I would be joining a new Project here at BP. So, kind of excited about it.

That’s pretty much it for now!

Parents here in US & some exciting news!!

Well, no updates or posts for a long time now!. So… some quick updates from me..

My parents are here in the USA. They landed here on Dec 5th and both me and Chitra have been busy since then! :)

… Last couple of days have been very hectic and action packed!… We did go on a vacation to the west coast ! Visited SFO, Las Vegas (again!!), Grand Canyon (again!!) .. and Los Angeles. Photos of this trip are posted in my photo album!

… and last but not the least, we are expecting our first Baby!! :) Baby is due Feb 21st ’08 and all of us are very excited!

Toledo Bend, Zwolle & Natchitoches – Louisiana

Here are some snaps from the Labor day long weekend trip (Sep 1st – Sep 3rd). We had been to a place called Zwolle. Well, it sounds like a African name, but its a very small place in Louisiana. To be more precise, we went to the Toledo Bend lake area and stayed at one of the resorts (Wildwood Resorts) on the banks of the lake.

This place is on the border of Texas and Louisiana. Actually, the Toledo Bend lake is formed due to a Dam which is built across the Sabine River. This river kind of forms the border between Texas and Louisiana! The lake itself is pretty big, and I read on one of the websites that its the largest man made lake in the South (of USA).

Here are some snaps……..

Fishing Pier at Wildwood Resort - Toledo Bend
Fishing Pier at Wildwood Resort – Toledo Bend

Fishing Pier at Wildwood Resort - Toledo Bend
Fishing Pier at Wildwood Resort – Toledo Bend


Vegas Trip – Hoover Dam

This post was long due! Memories from our Las Vegas Trip! When I look back at it, its almost 6 months now since we had been to Las Vegas!!! Wow. Time runs so fast!

Anyways, Since I had lots of photos to post, I have split this one big post into three posts.

Well, it was a 5 day trip and it was fun. Here is the photo essay!

Las Vegas is the land of casinos. Don’t be surprised to find slot machines when you come right out of the Terminal Gates at the airport! You can find slot machines every – from Gas Stations (aka Petrol Pumps!!) to Superstores! More about Las Vegas in part 3 of this post.

Welcome to Las Vegas…
Welcome to Las Vega
Welcome to Las Vega – Click to Zoom

We landed in Vegas in the afternoon, and immediately we were on our way to Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam is around 30 mins drive from Las Vegas. Hoover Dam is considered to be one of the greatest engineering works in history and is a must see!.

Here are some snaps…
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

We could go under ground !! (i.e, base of the dam where the generators are located) – Check out the massive generators!
Power Generators at Hoover Dam
Power Generators at Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

This is one of the massive water intake pipes. It can house an entire school bus within it! Everything about this dam is BIG!
Water Intake Pipes at Hoover Dam
Water Intake Pipes at Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

The power stations as seen from the top of the dam…
Power Station at Hoover Dam
Power Station at Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

Power Station at Hoover Dam
Power Station at Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

This is the Visitor center which was built recently…
Visitor Center at Hoover Dam
Visitor Center at Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

View from the dam…
View from the Dam
View from the Dam – Click to Zoom

These are the water intake towers ….
Water Intake Towers at Hoover Dam
Water Intake Towers at Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

Water Intake Towers at Hoover Dam
Water Intake Towers at Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

And the dam…
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

There are two spillways at the Hoover Dam. This one is on the Arizona side of the Dam. The spillways at the Hoover dam are Massive, and they have been used only once when there was major flood.
Spillway at Hoover Dam
Spillway at Hoover Dam – Click to Zoom

Since this was in late November, it was pretty dark by 5 PM… and we could not spend much time. We started back to Las Vegas and headed back to our Hotel (Monte Carlo).

Check out the Wikipedia entry on Hoover Dam.

More on Vegas trip in the next post….


Its Spring time here in Houston, and I am back after a long silence :).. Its almost more than two months since i ‘wrote’ a post I guess.

Well, the last couple of months have been pretty hectic on the work front. Things are settling down slowly. (I think! & hope). Lets see. Fingers crossed. … Hopefully, you should soon see some regular posts back on this blog!

Well, nothing much has changed over the past few months, pretty much the same work schedule. No major travels…except that we had been on a 4 day road trip to Fredericksburg (Texas) & Dallas back in December ’06 during the Christmas holidays. . so I have a lots of posts/pics that have been backlogged (including the Las Vegas trip snaps!). I hope i would be able to clear all the backlogs soon :)

Well, having said above, I must tell you all that I am not totally off the internet :) I am very much connected. Thanks to Google Reader, I am still actively tracking all the blogs that I used to read and follow (and a lot more!). Also, Google Reader is my primary feed reader now!. Bloglines is out for me! And Google Reader gets better by the day! The only thing that I would like to see on Google Reader is a search feature to search contents my subscribed feeds (or starred/shared posts). Surprising that a ‘search’ powerhouse like Google doesn’t offer ‘search’ feature natively! (160GB Seagate Portable Hard drive (USB powered) – got it from newegg.com
2. 750GB Seagate External Drive (USB 2.0 + FireWire + external power) – (Just ordered – yet to arrive!)
3. Canon Digital Rebel XTi -400D (Sold my old Canon Digital Rebel 300D on eBay!)
4. EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Telephoto Zoom (Sold my old 75-300mm lens on eBay)
5. 3 GB of CF cards (2 GB – Sandisk Ultra II & 1 GB – Lexar Platinum)
6. Garmin Nuvi 360 – GPS – Use this a lot. In fact we were totally dependent on this on our last road trips!

Well, I must say that I got pretty good deals on all of the gadgets! But the sad part is, I haven’t had lot of time to play around with most of the above gadgets :(

Well, next post coming up soon!

Oh ya.. I am back from Vegas…

Well, regular readers of this blog might have been wondering if I stayed back in Vegas ! :) .. its been quite some time since I posted an entry here!… well, I am back.. and kind of pretty busy with work.

Our Vegas trip went on pretty good. We had a nice time. Clicked tons of snaps… But, work has been very very hectic ever since we came back. So, I am not finding enough time to post the Vegas snaps out here.

Will do soon once I get some time .. may be over this weekend. Else, all is good…

Off to Vegas!

Will be traveling to Las Vegas later today on a 4 day vacation. Its been quite some time since me and Chitra had a nice break from work, … and thanksgiving is the best time to have one ! (ideally.. not! – but given our work/situation!)

So, we start on the 21-Nov, and return back to Houston on the 25-Nov. Also plan to drive to Grand Canyon on one of the day.

Photos and updates once I get back!

Houston, can you hear me?

“Houston, can you hear me?
Ground control, can you feel me?
Need permission to land”

– from Robbie Williams › Rock Dj

I would be off to Houston this weekend to meet my Wife who has been there for nearly 3 months now. Would be flying today evening i.e, Friday evening, and would be back Sunday night at Kingsport.

We plan to visit the NASA space center at Houston and some other places around…. …again, its just a plan. Lets see how it goes. Will try to get some snaps and post it here in the next couple of days! :)

And..Because there is no direct flight between Kingsport and Houston, its going to be a long journey!