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Pump it!!!

I am pretty sure most of you must have heard the sound track “Pump it ” by Black eyed peas. More so, you might have heard some variant of the track! When I first heard this song from the Black Eyed Peas, i was like…hmm.. i have heard that tune some where!

So, being curious, I did some search on wikipedia on this song… and was presently surprised with the history of the song… Its based on a Greek song called Misirlou.

Further digging brought up this site : http://www.dinosaurgardens.com/archives/297. The author has nicely documented the history of this song. There have been so many different versions of this song – starting from the 1930’s!  Check out the progression:

In addition to the above, this musical note has been used in various other recordings and sound tracks! No wonder, we have heard that track before! :)

Natural Tunnel State Park

Time flies by! And already, the long awaited 4 day weekend is all over, and I have worked for 2 days after the weekend!.

Well, as mentioned in the previous post, here are some snaps of the Natural Tunnel State park. We visited this place on one of the days during the 4 day weekend. This place is actually in the state of Virginia and is around 20 miles from Kingsport.

The main attraction of this place is a 865 feet Natural Tunnel under a huge mountain. There are lot of trails too in the state park.

Here are the snaps:

Natural Tunnel State Park
Natural Tunnel State Park Visitor Center – Click to Zoom

We had to kind of trek to reach the Tunnel site….

Natural Tunnel State Park
On the way to the Tunnel – Click to Zoom

Natural Tunnel State Park - Trail Pathway
Pathway – Click to Zoom

The train track that goes through the Tunnel…

Natural Tunnel State Park - Rail Track
The rail track – Click to Zoom

Wooden Bridge
A Wooden Bridge – Click to Zoom

Natural Tunnel
The Natural Tunnel – Click to Zoom

Natural Tunnel State Park
Forest! – Click to Zoom

This shot is from one of the Overview points – actually right about the tunnel…

Natural Tunnel State Park
One of the overview points – Click to Zoom

On Monday (July 3rd) we went on a drive to the Smoky Mountains area. The entire area is quite scenic .. very beautiful.!!…… But it was a short trip and we spent quit a lot of time in traffice in the pegion forge area, which is in the foothills of smokies. I would definitely like to go to the smokies in the future .. stay at some cabin, go on treks etc!…