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Google Reader – Now has search!!!

Yeeeeeeh. Finally!

Search In google reader

Google reader now has in-built Search. I guess this was one of the most requested feature. I am sure a lot of people are happy about this……………… Well, it took a while, but now its there. Thanks Google!

There are some other minor improvements to the Google Reader as well. Check the other changes here!

Btw, have you checked the new beta version of bloglines ? It looks cool, but I don’t think I will switch back to bloglines any time soon … I am pretty happy with Google reader!


Its Spring time here in Houston, and I am back after a long silence :).. Its almost more than two months since i ‘wrote’ a post I guess.

Well, the last couple of months have been pretty hectic on the work front. Things are settling down slowly. (I think! & hope). Lets see. Fingers crossed. … Hopefully, you should soon see some regular posts back on this blog!

Well, nothing much has changed over the past few months, pretty much the same work schedule. No major travels…except that we had been on a 4 day road trip to Fredericksburg (Texas) & Dallas back in December ’06 during the Christmas holidays. . so I have a lots of posts/pics that have been backlogged (including the Las Vegas trip snaps!). I hope i would be able to clear all the backlogs soon :)

Well, having said above, I must tell you all that I am not totally off the internet :) I am very much connected. Thanks to Google Reader, I am still actively tracking all the blogs that I used to read and follow (and a lot more!). Also, Google Reader is my primary feed reader now!. Bloglines is out for me! And Google Reader gets better by the day! The only thing that I would like to see on Google Reader is a search feature to search contents my subscribed feeds (or starred/shared posts). Surprising that a ‘search’ powerhouse like Google doesn’t offer ‘search’ feature natively! (160GB Seagate Portable Hard drive (USB powered) – got it from newegg.com
2. 750GB Seagate External Drive (USB 2.0 + FireWire + external power) – (Just ordered – yet to arrive!)
3. Canon Digital Rebel XTi -400D (Sold my old Canon Digital Rebel 300D on eBay!)
4. EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Telephoto Zoom (Sold my old 75-300mm lens on eBay)
5. 3 GB of CF cards (2 GB – Sandisk Ultra II & 1 GB – Lexar Platinum)
6. Garmin Nuvi 360 – GPS – Use this a lot. In fact we were totally dependent on this on our last road trips!

Well, I must say that I got pretty good deals on all of the gadgets! But the sad part is, I haven’t had lot of time to play around with most of the above gadgets :(

Well, next post coming up soon!

Google Reader – back with a bang!

Google Reader

I am totally excited & thrilled about this!!…. Looks like the Google reader team heard all my cribs ! Recently, a totally new version of Google reader was released, and it looks great ! Its compact, loaded with features, and I feel like I am in full control of what I would like to read!

Whats new ?

  • Totally new UI – its much more user-friendly compared to the old interface
  • The subscriptions are listed neatly on the left side, and the news items are displayed on the right side. Only 2 panes. Pretty much like bloglines. No more 3 pane layout!!.
  • There are two views – expanded view, and the list view which is some what similar to Gmail.
  • The Add Subscription feature is cool and is very intuitive.
  • The ‘Settings’ screen is totally re-done, and is very neat. Now, you can finally delete all your feeds in one go!! (This was not possible in the earlier version!!)
  • Lots of other features!!

I will start using Google reader (again!!).. I feel that its much better now, and if all goes well, I am thinking of totally switching over from bloglines!

Kudos Google Reader team !.. way to go!

Whats wrong with the Internet?

Well, for the past two three days lots of things are not in place. First of all, my Bloglines aggregator is behaving like a total bitch. For some damn reason, Bloglines is not updating some of my feeds, which is driving me nuts.

Yesterday, Yahoo! mail, messenger and many of other yahoo services were down

Orkut has gone bonkers for the past couple of days. It was down for maintenance for quite a lot of time. Also,.. the “Bad server, No doughnut” error is back!

There were reports that even Google/Gmail services was behaving erratically for some users.

And in the next day or two, the ‘stupid’ net-neutrality bill would be passed. Sad news for the entire Internet community. Is this the beginning of, the End of Internet ?…

BTW, any alternative for a good web-based news aggregator ?
I tried the web-based newsgator – did not like it. I guess I am too addicted to the bloglines style of display.
Tried Yahoo! Mail (beta) RSS feed reader feature – did not like it either – Navigation is not that great. No import/export features yet.
Google reader – Tried my best to use it. But found it too user-unfriendly. This is one product from Google which I kind of hate now. Its such a pain.

The best alternative for Bloglines so far has been the “Sage” extension for Firefox. It works cool. But the only problem is, it does not aggregate & its not web-based. i.e, It just displays the most recent feed items that are available. So, I would miss quite a lot of news items. :(

Any better alternatives ? I would prefer something web-based so that I can access the feeds from anywhere using a browser (preferably Firefox!)

Update (10.25 PM) : Got a reply from the Bloglines customer service department for the feedback that I had given about the above problem. They are saying that they are aware of the problem, and are looking into it. I checked my Bloglines feed now, and it seems to be back to normal now!