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Amogh loves these videos….

Posting some of Amogh’s favorite videos..

Current favorite video : Lakadi Ki Kaati (from the movie Masoom) – He kind of sings it in his own words :) Its too funny to hear it when he sings it.

The next one on the list is: Chulbuli. Kids love this video. Its cute. And its got around 2.1 million views (21 lakhs) already! (Amogh would have contributed at least 5,000 views :)). BTW, its a Ad for Clinic Plus :)

Up next is Bholanath. A old Marathi song for kids. He loves it :)

There are many other videos — but the above are definitely top 3.

Oh, then there is the classical: Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya – he loves this song too…

PS3 Launch


Well, PS3 is all set to launch here in USA on the 17th November, and there are queues in front of stores to get one!

Yesterday, me and my friend had been to the local Walmart, and we found that there were around 6 to 7 people camping outside to get their hands on the PS3 console. Inside, we could see the PS3 console at display, with a notice above it directing people to the queue outside for it! There were only 10 Units for sale.

BTW, its getting very cold these days, and yesterday it was really windy! I have never experienced such winds before !!… Cold+Wind is terrible. Can’t imagine the enthusiasm of the people waiting in queue for the console!

BTW… check this site dedicated for Console Camping : http://www.consolecamp.com/index.php

I also read reports that people were placing Ads on Craigslist to stand in line for the Console/Black Friday sale!