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Happy New Year!

Wishing all the people who (still) follow this blog a very Happy and Prosperous new year! …

The year 2008 was definitely an eventful year for most of us!…and for me, personally, it was a year that was not soo good expect for one good thing that happened! ……yes, you guessed it right, our baby…. Amogh. If not for Amogh, I wouldn’t want to see a year like 2008 again.

I hope 2009 would be better!

Oh, yes, one more news, Chitra and Anogh flew back to India this week. They celebrated the new year in Mangalore.

Chitra had to get her work visa stamped.., so she had to travel back. More than the visa, everyone at Mangalore was missing Amogh.. so we thought it would be good if Chitra and Amogh visit Mangalore before Chitra resumes work.

Everyone at Mangalore is happy! Wouldn’t have been possible if Chitra hadn’t taken the difficult and painstaking journey with a 10.5 month old all the way from Houston to Mangalore all alone! Love you dear!

Nothing more…

Again, wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous 2009!

Bye bye 2005, Hello 2006!

So, one more year comes to an end. And as always, it seems like this year tooo passed like a snap! That’s always the case. Time is relative! What say?

Well, for me, year 2005 has been full of ups and downs. So-So kinds. The major change for me this year was change in work. I.e., I moved from the education and research (e&r) department in our company to projects. And life in projects had been great so far. And in this short duration (in projects), I have learnt some new games. Both technical and non-technical! …. and the learning process is on. My earlier work in e&r is helping me a lot in projects. I feel that everyone in projects should be in teaching field (academia) for some short duration of time (at least 6 months!). It really helps.

On the technology front, the major change this year has been the web. Thanks to Firefox, I spend most of my time on the web-browser now. In other words, the web-browser has been my most used software.

On personal front, I have learnt a hard reality. I.e, not to bank on people who you think will be there for you. An the end of the day, every one is up to save their own ass (by whatever means possible)! In short, don’t expect, and be ready to face the worst. At the same time, I am happy about the fact that I have made lot of new friends and met some wonderful people this year. Both offline and online, and this blog has also been a key factor to that! On an average, as of now, I have around 70+ return visitors per day. Which I feel is pretty good.

So, this would my last post …. for the year 2005! Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous new year!