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Patents : How stupid can they get?

Patents = big money… Well, not always. But this one is the latest Patent Infringement suit which involves big money : Netflix suing Blockbuster for Patent Infringement.

Netflix V/S Blockbuster

Here is what it says…

Netflix holds two U.S. patents for its business methodology, which calls for subscribers to pay a monthly fee to select and rent DVDs from the company’s Web site and to maintain a list of titles telling Netflix in which order to ship the films, according to the patents, which were included as exhibits in the lawsuit. The first patent, granted in 2003, covers the method by which Netflix customers select and receive a certain number of movies at a time, and return them for more titles. The second patent, issued on Tuesday, “covers a method for subscription-based online rental that allows subscribers to keep the DVDs they rent for as long as they wish without incurring any late fees, to obtain new DVDs without incurring additional charges and to prioritize and reprioritize their own personal dynamic queue — of DVDs to be rented

WTF ? I am just wondering at the IQ of people who granted this patent!

It also means one can Patent things like…
“I get up early in the morning, brush my teeth, and then go to the restroom… have bath and then go to office”…. and then once the patent is granted, can sue anyone who follows this routine………..including the person who issued this patent.

How about a restaurant which says……
“The guests at our restaurant can sit at the restaurant as long as they want and enjoy the food served……. ” – Yes, surely you can patent this….

Then how about…..Walmart or any big shopping chain says…. “Our customers can shop as long as they want and we won’t charge them for being at our shop & spending time …..” — Well, this can be patented too… and sue every other supermarket chain on the planet.

Oh.. ya… what about breathing…? I am sure a patent would soon be granted for that too.. Just a matter of time…Real crazy.

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BTW, did you know that Micro$oft has been granted a patent for double click??