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Amazon.com’s price protection

IMPORTANT: See Update 2 below.

This might be useful if you make frequent purchases on amazon.com. Although Amazon’s website does not say this ‘loudly’, Amazon does have a price protection policy!

While Amazon.com does not do price-matching with other retailers, but if the price of the product that you bought on amazon drops within 30 days of your purchase, you can ask for a refund of the difference amount. The key here is, you need to ask amazon for the refund!

Here is what the policy reads:

Post-Order Price Guarantee

Amazon.com’s prices for released items will change from time to time based on a variety of factors. If Amazon.com’s price for an already-released item decreases within 30 days after we ship the item to you, we’ll be glad to refund the difference in price if you contact us. Please click one of the buttons on the right, and be sure to have your order number handy so we can assist you.

This Post-Order Price Guarantee is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Applies only to products that have already been released. Products that have not yet been released but that are available for pre-order from Amazon.com are not covered by this guarantee, but do benefit from our Pre-Order Price Protection program (see section above).
  • Applies only to items sold by Amazon.com, and not to items (or prices) offered by other sellers on our site.
  • Item prices that are affected by a promotion such as “Buy one, get one free” are not eligible.
  • The price of an item after rebate is not considered to be the Amazon.com price.

Link to this policy can be found here on the amazon website.

I had recently purchased a Logitech Headset on amazon, and the price has dropped twice already, and each time the priced dropped, I got the appropriate refund!

Very handy for electronic products which have the tendency for price drops!

Also, one more interesting and very useful site is www.refundplease.com. This site lets you enter your purchase information (item#, date of purchase and your purchase price) and your email. Once you enter this info, the site automatically checks amazon.com for price drops every day for the next 30 days and notifies you of any changes. Thats how I got to know of the second price drop for the Logitech Headset that I purchased!

Update 1: Check out this site : http://www.priceprotectr.com/ -> this one is similar to refundplease.com, but tracks nearly 60 popular online stores for price drops – so that you can get your refunds!.

Update 2: As of Sep 1st, 2008, Amazon no longer has the price protection policy. Sad but true.

Firefox gets a Major boost!

Get Firefox!
Firefox, “the” best browser, is all set to become the most used browser.

Ask how ?

Google is supporting Firefox in a big way! Google AdSense has started a referal program where publishers can refer end users to download and use Firefox. And guess what? Google would pay USD 1 for every successful install of Firefox. Now, this is great news for the whole Firefox community.

Gone are the days when browsers were distributed for free. Now you get paid too! :). But fortunately in this case, you get paid for your good karma. Way to go Google!…

Just have to wait and see how Microsoft responds to this one. This one is definitely a big nail in the coffin for Internet Explorer.

AdSense has also started a referal program to refer publishers. The moment your referral makes 100$, you too get 100$ in your account.

More info on Google’s Inside AdSense Blog too.

Making sense out of AdSense

Talking about AdSense, i am wondering how it actually works!. Yes., its contextual advertising. i.e, the Ad’s that are displayed are purely based on the contents that are present on the page. And context is the King!

AdSense works like a charm for some. For others, AdSense doesn’t just work. The rest are not at all bothered about it!.

So, what is this post all about ?

For some of my pages, the Ads that are displayed are not relevant at all! No matter what the content is, the Ad’s displayed are about ‘blogging’ etc, which are not at all relevant to the topic or the content of the page. That too after filtering lot of blog related site!

Let me explain with and example.

Say URL #1:

URL #2:

Basically both #1 and #2 have the same content.
#1 is the permalink to the posting, and #2 is the archive for the day.

If you notice, the Ads for URL #2 are very relevant but not for URL #1. The content is pretty old, and the google-bot has visited it for sometime now. I also did a google search, and URL #1 has a PR 2, and URL #2 has a PR 0. So, that would mean that #1 is known by google much better then #2.

I was wondering about this, and posted this question on one of the forums, but still haven’t got a satisfactory answer. Further, from one of the replies that i got on the forum, I figured out that the Ad’s would be relevant if we append a querystring to the URL as shown below

Isn’t it strange ? Its clear that google mediabot indexes the page based on the URL. But what about the content?

So, what I am wondering is..

1. If the page is brand new (or the URL at-least is new), then the Ads displayed are very relevant
2. After media bot visits this new URL … the relevancy goes for a toss!!!

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way round ?

So, does that mean that the algorithm to display Ads for the first few times (realtime), is much better then the algorithm used later-on ?

Just curious!

Other Examples:
#1 http://www.arjunprabhu.com/blog/archives/2004/06/24/

#2 http://www.arjunprabhu.com/blog/archives/2004/06/24/

Google Introduces Site Targeting to AdWords

Came across this : Google Introduces Site Targeting to Google AdWords on Search Engine Journal

Its good news and bad news!. Good news for advertisers and the entire internet community! bcoz now advertisers can target specific sites, and avoid link farms or pages/sites that are specifically designed to game google.

On the other hand, this may be a bad news for lot of bloggers on a long run. Interesting. Will have to keep a watch! Offcourse, advertisers would like put up their ads on popular blogs, but not sure what happens to the smaller not so known blogs, which manage their yearly hosting fees!

More info about the program can be found here.

BTW, for the past couple of days, i am seeing more and more Yahoo ads! too!
You can see them occasionally over Russell’s blog (yahoo employee) and flickr (owned by yahoo, flickr shows both google/yahoo ads randomly!) too!