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Amogh is one year old!, Trip to India & the economy!

Yes, over a month since I posted. Has been crazy lately. The US economy is totally down & its my first recession after entering my professional career.

Well the tech slowdown in 2001 too effected me any many in my age group and it was pretty bad. Almost our entire class lost an year due to the 2001 slowdown.

This time around the situation is quite bad compared to the previous slowdown, and USA is officially in recession. The major difference this time is that its not just the IT industry thats hit, but almost all sectors are hit badly. Specially the housing & the financial market here in the US. And in today’s world, everything is interconnected. So, people from all walks of life are impacted one way or the other.

On the work side, many projects are being axes or postponed, budgets are being slashed and people are more and more cautious when it comes to spending money. For now, I have enough work lined up for the coming months. Must see how it turns out.

In other news, Amogh, my son turned One on feb 8th. Time fly’s by so fast!

Like mentioned in my previous post, both Amogh and Chitra are back in India. … and I could not miss Amogh’s 1st birthday. So, I flew all the way back to India for a week! :) and it was worth it!  The special thing about the trip was, it was a surprise trip!. Only Chitra knew that I would be flying. So, it was fun to see the reaction of every one who saw me there on his birthday!

….even for Amogh, the day I landed, it took a while for him to realize  that it was his father who had suddenly disappeared from the scene sometime back. And then, after a few minutes, he knew it was his dad :) … and clearly seemed to be very happy that day.

The Trip was quite hectic — 30 hrs of travel one way — 1 week in Mangalore & again 30 hrs of travel back to Houston!. So for around 2 to 3 weeks, my biological clock was totally out of sync due to jet lag/timezone changes! But it was worth it.

Its a pleasure to see Amogh these days. He now walks and virtually runs all around very comfortably. …and has now started to climb the stairs. He blabbers in his own baby language! ….. and has become very naughty! :)

If all goes well, Chitra & Amogh should be here soon — may be in a week or two. Waiting for thier arrival !

Happy New Year!

Wishing all the people who (still) follow this blog a very Happy and Prosperous new year! …

The year 2008 was definitely an eventful year for most of us!…and for me, personally, it was a year that was not soo good expect for one good thing that happened! ……yes, you guessed it right, our baby…. Amogh. If not for Amogh, I wouldn’t want to see a year like 2008 again.

I hope 2009 would be better!

Oh, yes, one more news, Chitra and Anogh flew back to India this week. They celebrated the new year in Mangalore.

Chitra had to get her work visa stamped.., so she had to travel back. More than the visa, everyone at Mangalore was missing Amogh.. so we thought it would be good if Chitra and Amogh visit Mangalore before Chitra resumes work.

Everyone at Mangalore is happy! Wouldn’t have been possible if Chitra hadn’t taken the difficult and painstaking journey with a 10.5 month old all the way from Houston to Mangalore all alone! Love you dear!

Nothing more…

Again, wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous 2009!

Back in Houston

It has been pretty hectic. The much anticipated vacation came and went past soo soon. Landed back in Houston on 3rd June. Well, must say the 1 month vacation was really hectic. Sooo many things to do, places to visit, and soo little time! Well, that’s how it is I guess!

Things done/Places visited in one month:

  • Around 4 trips to Karkala – Visited Karkala Sri Venkataramana Temple, Tellar Devaki Krishna Temple and other deities, visited relatives – √
  • Attended Karkala Rathosava (Carfestival, Teru) – √
  • Two trips to Puttur – visited relatives, temples – √
  • Trip to Manipal – Visited Relatives, MIT, and Manipal — back to Mangalore via Udupi – √
  • Visit to Gurpur Satyadevata temple – √
  • Visit to Chennai – For visa stamping (via Bangalore). The trip was uneventful. Amogh was pretty quite on all the flights. – √
  • Bharat Mall – √
  • Around 4+ visits to Infosys Managlore (Mangala) – √
  • Upgraded home computer (in mangalore) with more RAM and networking support – √
  • Setup a wireless network at my home – √
  • Attended Swami Ramdev’s Yoga classes in Mangalore – √
  • Pabbas – Chocolate Dad, Tiramisu, Parafait – √
  • Cherry Square – Some like it hot – √
  • Chefs, Prax – √
  • Family Photos by Professional Photographer – √
  • Most of Mangalore City, Kadri Temple, Venkataramana Temple – √
  • Visited/met lot of relatives – √

Now that its all over, I am back to work. …….. and I am missing Chitra and Amogh. Both of them are back in Mangalore and will join me in sometime. I don’t know how Amogh would react once he is back here in US!…since he likes to have lot of people around. I have posted some of Amogh’s pics on my Orkut Profile! Check out if you are on my orkut friend list.

Well, on work front, I would be joining a new Project here at BP. So, kind of excited about it.

That’s pretty much it for now!

In Mangalore – on vacation!

Well, I am in Mangalore these days on vacation. I will be here for a month. Its more than two years since I left Mangalore. We landed here on May 4th and I would be traveling back on June 2nd. Chitra and Amogh will stay back for sometime here at Mangalore and join me later.

The past couple of days have been kind of very hectic!.. So little time and soo much to do…….. wish I had more vacation. In between all this we need to travel to Chennai for my VISA Stamping coming weekend.

Mangalore – As a city has changed a lot. Lot of new building …, actually ‘big’ buildings! :)… I am yet to visit the “Bharat Mall” and the “Empire Mall” here in Mangalore… just got a chance to see it from outside…. The land/real estate prices in Mangalore have skyrocketed.. and doesn’t make sense at all. Its impossible for the middle and upper middle class to buy a decent piece of land in the city any more.

When I left Mangalore two years back, there was nothing called traffic jam, but now, .. I see traffic problems everywhere.

The weather now here is typical mangalore summer. Very warm and humid.

More later…

PS: I actually typed this around May 16th, but could only post it today (June 16th)!

Infosys Mangalore to be called Nethra

Well, after waiting for years, the new Infosys Mangalore development center is ready for business. Its named Nethra after the river Nethravathi which is the lifeline of mangalore (and its pretty close to the river too!!) .

Unofficially, the center started operations on 15th October, with 83 people on-board!

Infosys Mangalore - Nethra Opening

When phase 1 is fully ready – it would accommodate upto 3200 people. And since its in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), it means that certain percent of the people working there must be freshly recruited! Which is a great news to the entire Dakshina Kannada region. Phase 2 and 3 would bring in more growth!

This has been a much awaited project. Have been hearing about it even before I joined Infosys in 2002!

Kudos to everyone involved.  An official inauguration ceremony is planned sometime in the coming months!

Will try to post more pictures as soon as I get them!

Mangalore featured in Time Magazine!

Mangalore, my home town has been featured in Time Magazine! Came to know about this from Harsha’s blog a couple of days back.

Mangalore - Hampankatta
Hampankatta. Mangalore – Photo Credit: Bharat Sikka for Time Magazine

The article talks about the recent growth-wave that’s hit Mangalore. Sure enough, Mangalore has changed a lot in the last 5 to 10 years, and I am sure that by the time I am back at Mangalore, it would look totally different!

Main Article:

Photo Essay :

Google Earth – Major Data update

Just checked Google earth.. and it looks like there has been a major data update. Lots of places are much clearer. Not very high resolution, but much better then before!. My home town, Mangalore now looks great, and I can see my house ! :)

Check out this picture of Infosys Mangalore – My office back at Mangalore…

Infosys Mangalore - from Google Earth
Infosys Mangalore – Google Earth view – Click to Zoom

Infact, tons of places across the globe have new images!. Enjoy! I am off to side-seeing! :)

Try out Google Earth today!.

The race is on…

Ya, I know. It’s been quite sometime since I posted out here. Like I had mentioned in my previous post, the race against time has begun, and it’s on. The past couple of days have been very very very hectic. Did lots of shopping and shopping and shopping. The checklist is almost clear, except for a couple of items, which are pending.

I also have to setup my computer, and make my parents computer literates in a couple of days, and the lessons have already begun :)… teaching them some basics… so that they can use skype, yahoo and gtalk so that they can communicate with me. And its not a easy task!

I also have to move/copy the data I need to carry along with me. What I am planning on doing is, taking my 160GB hard disk along with me with all the required data in it. I already have an IDE to USB converter and an external HDD case. So, I just need to plugin the hard disk to USB to use it! I felt that this would be a better option then carrying lots of CDs and DVDs. What say? I hope that carrying HDD in luggage is not a problem (didn’t have any problems when my wife bought the HDD from US!).

In the mean while, I hosted a couple of parties. One for the project team and the other for some friends and colleagues. The project party was at Kadal (at Nalapad residency). The food quality and service at Kadal was bad. I did not enjoy it. It was bad. Repented for hosting the party at Kadal. :( But the next party was fun. Hosted it at Cherry Square today. The food too was good, and it was fun! Enjoyed it.

The other aspect is travel papers and documentation…. and that’s almost done, but need to have a final look at it. …. But lots of small small jobs still pending.

Wish me luck! :)