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Amogh loves these videos….

Posting some of Amogh’s favorite videos..

Current favorite video : Lakadi Ki Kaati (from the movie Masoom) – He kind of sings it in his own words :) Its too funny to hear it when he sings it.

The next one on the list is: Chulbuli. Kids love this video. Its cute. And its got around 2.1 million views (21 lakhs) already! (Amogh would have contributed at least 5,000 views :)). BTW, its a Ad for Clinic Plus :)

Up next is Bholanath. A old Marathi song for kids. He loves it :)

There are many other videos — but the above are definitely top 3.

Oh, then there is the classical: Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya – he loves this song too…

School Chale Hum

YouTube.com is such a wonderful place! Found one more nostalgic video on YouTube today!. School Chale Hum. Check out…….

Pretty cool!

Other Nostalgic stuff on this blog:
– “Mile Sur Mera Tumara” video (Original),
Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiya video
Malgudi Days title song
Baje Sargam – audio


Update 1 : To download *any* video from youtube.com and other video sites, go to http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php. You can also use the Video Downloader extension for Firefox to directly download the videos from your Firefox browser.

Ek Chidiya…. Anek Chidiya!

Its next to impossible to forget this song if you had a TV(and watched it too) in the early 80’s. May be 1985 – 1990 period. There were a bunch of ‘short programs’ that would be aired every now and then on DD national – the one and the only channel!. This one was on unity. “Ek Anek aur Ektha” – The animated movie.

Download : MP3 (Zipped – 788 KB)If anyone has the Video, please share it ! Would love to see it again :)

Other thing that I can remember is “Mile Sur Mera Tumara” !… anyone having video/audio ?

Update 1 : Got the video of Ek Chidiya – Anek Chidiya! Thanks to KKJ! Its available here (link doesn’t seem to work. See update 3 below…

Update 2 : Found the MP3 of “Mile Sur Mera Tumara”. Its available Here. Again thanks to KKJ!

Update 3 : The above links don’t seem to work. You can get the video Here