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Infosys Mangalore to be called Nethra

Well, after waiting for years, the new Infosys Mangalore development center is ready for business. Its named Nethra after the river Nethravathi which is the lifeline of mangalore (and its pretty close to the river too!!) .

Unofficially, the center started operations on 15th October, with 83 people on-board!

Infosys Mangalore - Nethra Opening

When phase 1 is fully ready – it would accommodate upto 3200 people. And since its in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), it means that certain percent of the people working there must be freshly recruited! Which is a great news to the entire Dakshina Kannada region. Phase 2 and 3 would bring in more growth!

This has been a much awaited project. Have been hearing about it even before I joined Infosys in 2002!

Kudos to everyone involved.  An official inauguration ceremony is planned sometime in the coming months!

Will try to post more pictures as soon as I get them!

Whats happening?

Its quite some time since I wrote something over here. It has been a very hectic and happening week so far. At office, we had the synergy finale last Sunday, the details of which I had posted up over here. On Monday, we had christmas celebrations in the office. Was fun! :). And then on Tuesday, there was a performance by the in-house musical band of mInfosys called Yantra. I could not stay for the entire show, which went for over 2.5 hours., but I did listen a couple of songs. Its was really a great performance. Even though I could not be *at* the show, I could hear the music/songs at my work place.

My wife is doing fine and is now settled down in Houston. The Canon Powershot A610 rocks. The quality of image is real good. We are now waiting for the rechargeable batteries and charger which I bought over eBay. Digi-cams are power hungry devices. They need batters with more power. So, Its always better to get batteries with higher mAh rating. mAh of a battery is similar to Stamina. The higher, the better. I have managed to get hold of 8 AA sized 2500 mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries and a 1 hour fast charger for around $29 (including shipping) over eBay. Don’t know if is a nice deal. But it sounded reasonable.

On the work front, lots of work. We are working on providing a single sign on feature (provided by siteminder/identiyminder) for windows sharepoint portal. And this kind of requires us to write a ISAPI filter for IIS. We are currently working on writing this ISAPI filter (which does custom authentication). If you are familiar with ISAPI programming, get back to me!

Synergy 2005

This weekend was work and fun. I was in office on Saturday to catch up with work. But Sunday was fun. It was the grand finale of Synergy 2005. As mentioned in one of my previous post, Synergy is the annual sports event of mInfosys. The finale is always held on the beach side. This year, the program was at the a place called called “Samudra Darshana Guest house” near Hosabettu. Hosabettu beach is around 10kms from mInfosys.

This year, the program started started in the afternoon, and finished with dinner at around 10 PM.

Various games were played………..started with Triathlon, followed by Lagori….

Lagori – Click to Zoom

After Lagori, there was Sand Castle competition.

Sand Castle
Sand Castle – Click to Zoom

Sand Castle
Sand Castle – Click to Zoom

But the most interesting game was Beach volley ball. The finals between the Green Team and the Red team was really thrilling. Thought fight till the last minute. Finally green won the volley ball finals.

Beach Volley Ball
Beach Volley Ball – Click to Zoom

Beach Volley Ball - Smash!
Beach Volley Ball – Smash – Click to Zoom

Beach Volley Ball
Beach Volley Ball – Click to Zoom

Beach Volley Ball - Smash
Beach Volley Ball – Smash – Click to Zoom

Beach Volley Ball - Red vs Green
Beach Volley Ball – Red vs Green – Click to Zoom

After volley ball, there was tug-of-war. This year around, no major fight in tug-of-war, compared to the previous years when the rope itself used to give up!!

Tug of War
Tug of War – Zoor Lagake Haiyaa – Click to Zoom

Then there was the prize distribution ceremony…..

mInfoscions- Prize Distribution
mInfoscions – Prize Distribution – Click to Zoom

This years overall champions were Red Bulls! (that’s the name of the Red team!).

Red Bulls - Winners of Synergy 2005
Red Bulls – Winners of Synergy 2005 – Click to Zoom

My team, the black hawks had to be happy being in the third place.

Prize distribution was followed by small time dance party….but it was already 10 PM by then.. and we had to wind up.

Lets Dance baby – Click to Zoom

Overall, a great day and had a nice time.

The Real Design of New Infosys Campus at Mangalore

Update (13-Apr-2007): Apparently, I heard recently that they have changed the design – due to the nature of the soil at the construction area. I think it won’t be a inverted pyramid as shown below.

OK. This one is for real, unlike the major HOAX forward mail that was floating around a couple of months back.

The real proposed Design of the new Infosys Campus at Mangalore looks as shown below:

New Infosys Campus at Mangalore

New Infosys Campus at Mangalore

Source : http://www.hafeezcontractor.com

Will post more pictures if I get a chance!

You can find designs of other proposed Infosys buildings at the Hafeez Contractor’s website.

Party at Pegasus, Mangalore

Apart from the normal project party, at Infosys, we also have a quarterly unit party. i.e, folks from the entire unit would present. We had this quarters party yesterday at ‘Pegasus’. We started at around 5.30 PM from office. Pegasus has a section with a disco floor. We had booked that place for the party. Initially the crowd was bit less, but as usual, quite a lot of people turned out as time passed by.

Started with fresher introduction. i.e, people who joined our unit in the last quarter. It was kind of ragging and fun :). Then there were the normal games, and then finally the floor was open to dance!.

One thing good was, the music!.. The DJ did a pretty decent job this time around. He did a good mix. The food was also decent. All of us had a great time.

Well, this was kind of my first official party. I had attended Unit parties before, but as a spouse! Got to attend one more party this Sunday, this time its for people who volunteered for the mInfy10 event.

mInfosys 10th Anniversary celebrations

Yesterday was the big day for Mangalore Infosys. We had our 10th anniversary celebrations. The venue : Dr. TMA Pai International Convention center.

TMA Pai -MAHE- Convention Center

The program started at around 4 – 4.30 PM. Lot of dignitaries had come down for this special occasion. We had S. Gopalakrishnan (Kris) – Director, K. Dinesh – Director, N S Raghavan (ex-infoscion, emp# 1 of Infosys), R G Bhandi (ex-infoscion, the first DC head of Mangalore), M M Mohan (ex-infoscion), Binod H R, Bikramjit Maitra, V P Kochikar, Shivshankar, Capt. Sinha and couple of other folks.

The entrance was strictly for Infoscions and their family members.

Entrance Banner
Banner at the Entrance (Click to Zoom)

Entrance of the Convention Centre (Click to Zoom)

Here is the stage setup :

Stage Setup
Stage Setup (Click to Zoom)

The cake was damn beautiful. It was a replica of our Infosys Mangala office. Check out the pictures.

mInfy10 Cake
The mInfy 10 Cake – Front View (Click to Zoom)

mInfy10 Cake
The mInfy 10 Cake – Front View (Click to Zoom)

mInfy10 Cake
The mInfy 10 Cake – Back View (Click to Zoom)

mInfy10 Cake
The mInfy 10 Cake – Side View (Click to Zoom)

The function started with a snapshot of the past 10 years. “Story So far” kind of thing. Was very nostalgic indeed. This was followed by a short movie on Mangalore Infosys.

After that the formal function began.

Guests On Stage
Sudhir, Bhandi, Kris, NSR, Dinesh, M M Mohan (Click to Zoom)

Then then there was cake cutting. Two young mInfoscions who share their birthday with mInfosys got to cut the cake along with other dignitaries!. But, it was kind of sad to cut such a beautiful cake!!

Cake Cutting
Cake Cutting (Click to Zoom)

Cake Cutting
Cake Cutting – Kris(Click to Zoom)

This is how the auditorium looks like… it can house around 1800 people.

Inside the Auditorium (Click to Zoom)

The cake cutting was followed by speeches by dignitaries.

Kris sharing his thoughts (Click to Zoom)

N S Raghavan
N S Raghavan – The first employee of Infosys!(Click to Zoom)

K Dinesh
K Dinesh addressing the gathering (Click to Zoom)

Bhandi – The first DC head of Mangalore (Click to Zoom)

Bhandi and the second batch folks sang the Song “Zindagi Milke Bitayege” from Satte Pe Satta, bringing back some old memories!
Song by Batch 2 folks
Batch 2 folks (Click to Zoom)

M M Mohan
M M Mohan sharing his thoughts (Click to Zoom)

After the stage event, we had a Inter-DC short film competition. It was a competition among various Development Centers of Infosys to come up with a short film on the topic “Social Consciousness and Community Empathy”. This program went on for about an hour. 12 films were played. In the mean time, cake was served. Mysore DC won the competition.

Next up was the Rock Show from a group called Aquaflow from Mumbai. They did a pretty neat job. One good thing that they did was, they did manage to sing some non-rock stuff too, although it disappointed some small set of rock fans. So, it was not a pure rock show as such! After a couple of numbers, mInfoscions were all set to rock and roll and didn’t want to stop! (as usual!)

Rock Show
Rock Show by AquaFlow (Click to Zoom)(Click to Zoom)

Rock Show
Rock Show by AquaFlow (Click to Zoom)(Click to Zoom)

Rock Show
Rock Show by AquaFlow (Click to Zoom)(Click to Zoom)

Rock Show
mInfoscions on the stage (Click to Zoom)

Rock Show
Rock and Roll (Click to Zoom)

Rock Show
Ooops!.. (Click to Zoom)

The last part for the day was.. the dinner :). Taj Manjarun were the caterers for the day, and the food was good, specially the non-veg part!

Dinner (Click to Zoom)

Dinner (Click to Zoom)

All in all, a day to remember for all mInfoscions.

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Narayana Murthy in Mangalore

Its a little more then 3 years since I joined Infosys and yesterday was the inauguration function of the 10 year celebration of mInfosys. Like I had mentioned in my earlier post, 8th September 2005 would mark 10 years of Mangalore Infosys Development center.

Mr. Narayana Murthy, our Chief Mentor was present for the yesterday’s inauguration session at Mangalore. This was the first time that I could see him in person!

Our entire office was decorated for this occasion.
You can see the Rangolies below :

Due to the Mangalore rains, the entire open air amphitheater was covered. You can see the stage settings and the amphitheater below :

Decorated Stage - Amphitheater at Mangalore InfosysAmphitheater at Mangalore Infosys
The stage decoration & Amphitheater

The inaugural session began at around 5 PM in the evening. I got some good close up snaps of both Mr. Murthy and Mr. Mohandas Pai, our CFO.

Narayana Murthy Mohandas Pai
Mr. Narayana Murthy & Mr. Mohandas Pai

The inaugural function was followed by cultural show. Also, yesterday was the traditional day, and all Infoscions were in their traditional attire!

The star of the show was obviously Mr. Narayana Murthy. I had heard/read/seen a lot about him before, and knew that he was a very simple man, but after what i saw yesterday, it was a reaffirmation of what I had heard/read and seen. Really amazed at the simplicity of this man.

Some things that I noted about Mr. Murthy:

  • We made a presentation to him, and he would listen fully to what you say. Always talks very kindly.
  • When he arrived at our office, he was in a formal attire. After he came to know that Mangalore Infosys was celebration traditional day, he switch over to a traditional dress – Down to earth person.
  • Absolutely did not show any signs of being such a big person. He was the Most energetic person in the entire crowd. Would clap for every performance on stage. He was with the crowd most of the time, talking to all the employees, taking snaps etc.
  • Leadership by example – This one impressed me a lot! – For the buffet dinner, he stood in the queue along with the junta, served himself, and then settled down.

I can go on and on………….We have soo much to learn from a person like Mr. Murthy.

And here is the most treasured photo of all :

Me with Narayana Murthy
Me on the immediate right of NRN ! A memorable moment

Update : September 9th Function at Mangalore.

mInfosys turns 10!

Infosys Mangalore
The Infosys Mangalore Building – A landmark in Mangalore

The Mangalore Development Center (DC) of Infosys was the first development center outside Bangalore. And this September 8th, mInfosys turns 10 !

Mangalore DC is known as “The Happening DC”, and true to its reputation, a series of events are planned starting Aug 18th to celebrate this occasion.

And, that has been keeping me busy for the past few days, and will continue to do so for the next couple of days. I am in the publicity team, and life has been kind of hectic. :)

“….yavaag foreign ge?”

Got this one as a forward. Not sure who the original author is. If you know the original author, please let me know, so that I can give due credits!. (Update: Its by Jagadish)

This one is real hilarious, funny, and very close to reality – atleast for people in IT field, in Bangalore.

“….yavaag foreign ge?” (For non Kannada folks….this means when r u goin to foreign)

The familiar sentence is arguably one of the most frequently asked questions, losing only slightly to the even more grave one “…yavaag maduve?” (when marriage?) to someone who unluckily happens to be in the IT Industry and in Bangalore. There was never a better conversation topic for the older generation to suck every drop of blood the poor bloke manages to save despite working as a techie.

It’s a wave that everyone wants to be part of, and everyone wants to show they know. The word computer is now a house-hold name. A good relief for many topic starved aunties and uncles, but our poor techie gets stuck like a nail that’s half into the wood when its head decides to painfully break lose.

The popular following that IT has gotten in recent years has been more due to the lucrative travel, than what the techie believes is due to his work. This time it is the uncles who have the upper hand in making a conversation, owing to some ‘extra’ knowledge, thanks to ‘external’ contacts. Aunties resign to just asking “…yenappa computer aa?” (literally means “are u a computer?”, but it is supposed to be “Are you working in the IT field?” One must be ready to field a volley of smirks and barrage of questions, if the victim answers a “no”, though it would be the right answer for such a question. For if you are not part of the bandwagon, and then you’d rather term yourself a foolish old crackpot and be happy with that, than get a loathsome look from the omnipresent aunty.

IT has such a popular following here, most do not know what they are following, but just drift along to be ‘seen’. Our aunty gets into her form, and asks our techie, “you computer, my son also computer” …our techie, just out of a ctrl-alt-tab-enter, has no idea how to respond to this inhuman portrayal, by the aunty, of her son. He just smiles and says “wonderful aunty, which company?” and is hardly interested in what he hears. The aunty carries on. ” nun maga sapoo”…the indianised MNC becomes “sapoo” from SAP, while our techie replies back, “I work for GE”.aunty is a bit concerned on hearing that, and blurts out “is it a good company ? didn’t u get in infosys ?”…techie is at his wits end to explain; aunty is in no mood to understand. aunt’s techie son is blushing ear to ear.

while the general social understanding of an IT company hovers between Infosys and Wipro, some good souls give respect to “Vorakal” too. So aunties are generally happy if one is from any of these companies. The other companies will only mean a detailed interrogation about the techie’s academic credentials, past criminal record, if any, and a sure minus point as a prospective groom.

It is the conversation between aunties that is the funniest and amazingly astonishing. Recently one of my cousins went onsite, and I being the scape goat, who still ‘had’ to be in India, was the butt of all discussions.

aunty1: “foreign ge yaavaga ivnu hogodu?” (when is he going onsite?)
aunty2: “gothilla, innenu swalpa divsdalley hogthaaneno” (He might go in some days!)
aunty1: “hmmm…they say only brilliants (sic) are sent onsite”
aunty2: “that’s true!”

I was being murdered inch by inch, neat and clean. My reputation in tatters.

This is even bearable, but get this, if a techie manages to stumble on an onsite travel but is cancelled on that last millisecond, and then his future is doomed, for aunties will have a field day dissecting him and nailing him for not working well at the office. I have been most unfortunate in this case, so much so that if I had got a call to abort the travel 2 seconds later than what I got, I might have had to jump off the plane mid-air.

aunties started flowing in from early evening that day, some trying to stay oblivious of the situation, some trying hard to keep a straight face, and a few more giving their own versions of my story, which by the way I never told anyone!…well one aunty even had the nerve to ask me “did you have a fight with your manager?”. well I was kind enough to say “no aunty, project got scrapped “, only to realize that the aunty had no idea what a project meant, and instead pressed me to agree that I had indeed done some mistake…finally she let me go when I blurted out “my manager had a fight with the airlines”….well that was enough for me to roll over on the floor and laugh at her, despite the ‘humiliation’ of not going onsite.

uncles are not far off, and are ever more eager to learn ‘computers’. One uncle was particularly curious to know as to why we guys were paid for playing computer games !…apparently he was of this view after he had seen his 9 year old son only playing games on his newly bought comp. I knew better than to explain, so I told him that it was because if we won, the company would get money. uncle’s spirits rose, and in all probability he would have gone home and pestered his innocent 9 year old son to teach him to play games in the hopes of joining a IT company in future !

uncles are a little more “knowledgeable” though. One uncle came to me one day, when I made the suicidal mistake of attending a social gathering full of aunties and uncles, and asked me as to which company I worked for, and I answered him hoping he would stop there. however , uncle had no such intention and carried on ” yaav language ?”…though stunned, i replied back “c sharp uncle” …uncle’s face glowed and then he said ” nun maga Java , c# bidhoithanthey!” (My son works on JAVA, C sharp has long fallen from grace) ..In most uncles view, languages are like company shares, the value of which keeps fluctuating on an hourly basis.

Though salary is something of a sensitive issue, uncles don’t give didly-squat about that and continue questioning the techie on the same. I was ripped apart when i told my uncle that my gross was 25k, to which my uncle in suspended euphoria exclaimed that his son earned 2.5 lakh per month at onsite. Having no room to argue, i kept mum, when my uncle went off again “why don’t u ask your manager for a raise”…. I told him i would consider his advice and ask, though my manager was bit of a dragon, unlike my uncle’s son’s manger, who was a saint just short of a halo!

Even weirder is the funny way in which people take those mails managers send to techies and their team, as to the good work being done. one of my cousins who recently joined my company got such a mail from his manager, and he thought it was a good idea to take a print out and show it to his father, a folly he still regrets to this day. My uncle not only read the copy, but made a hundred photocopies and distributed it as pamphlets to his near and dear ones. My dad got one too, and i had to field some intense questioning at home, since i had not managed to get one such letter even once ! i had even gone to the extent of thinking about printing one on my own just to escape the ‘humiliation’.

while it’s often funny to listen to the weird misconceptions people have about IT, it gets irritating if it goes too far. It would be a boring place without the aunties and the uncles, but it would be a wonderful place, if they knew better than to draw conclusions about one’s work, of which they know so less about !