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Amogh keeping us busy!

Nothing much happening :).. .. kind of busy with work and home :)

Amogh is keeping both me and Chitra busy!.

Boy.. he is growing so fast. Already 10 months old now!. He has started to walk.. takes around two to three steps.. and then realizes that he can crawl faster.. and crawls :)

He has also started to blabber words…which only he can understand ;) …… its really soo much fun to watch him grow and learn new tricks every day :)

Nothing much happening otherwise….!!!

Infosys Mangalore to be called Nethra

Well, after waiting for years, the new Infosys Mangalore development center is ready for business. Its named Nethra after the river Nethravathi which is the lifeline of mangalore (and its pretty close to the river too!!) .

Unofficially, the center started operations on 15th October, with 83 people on-board!

Infosys Mangalore - Nethra Opening

When phase 1 is fully ready – it would accommodate upto 3200 people. And since its in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), it means that certain percent of the people working there must be freshly recruited! Which is a great news to the entire Dakshina Kannada region. Phase 2 and 3 would bring in more growth!

This has been a much awaited project. Have been hearing about it even before I joined Infosys in 2002!

Kudos to everyone involved.  An official inauguration ceremony is planned sometime in the coming months!

Will try to post more pictures as soon as I get them!

Wart problem ? try this home remedy!!!

Well, first of all, I am not a doctor or anything like that! So, try this at your own risk! :)… But this is something that has worked for me like magic, and has worked for thousands of other people. So I thought of sharing it will all of you!

Well, I had a very small wart on one of my fingers on the left hand. Warts are pretty common and are caused by a virus known as human papillomavirus. They normally appear on the foot, but can appear anywhere on the body. They are not very painful or very harmful etc, but definitely not something that you would like to have on your skin! And……… most of the time, its pretty hard to get rid of them! :)

Now, coming back to my small wart, it had been on my finger for over 2 years growing very slowly – And I tried lots of medications to get rid of it – including tablets, over the counter Salicylic acid and even the Duct tape occlusion therapy!. But nothing seemed to work. All of them just gave temporary relief but no matter what I did, the wart would come back exactly at the same spot within a month or so!

Finally – did some Googling and came across this home remedy – Very simple, Very cheap, and it worked like miracle. Its almost 4 months now, and no signs of the wart that had troubled me for over 2+ years!


Mangalore featured in Time Magazine!

Mangalore, my home town has been featured in Time Magazine! Came to know about this from Harsha’s blog a couple of days back.

Mangalore - Hampankatta
Hampankatta. Mangalore – Photo Credit: Bharat Sikka for Time Magazine

The article talks about the recent growth-wave that’s hit Mangalore. Sure enough, Mangalore has changed a lot in the last 5 to 10 years, and I am sure that by the time I am back at Mangalore, it would look totally different!

Main Article:

Photo Essay :