Back @ home

Finally, done with the hyderabad trip. Me back at home. Journey was so-so. Not so great. Not bad either.

Things are getting hectic back in mangalore!.. So,…a very hectic week lined up ahead. Got a cultural event in our company, and I am supposed to volunteer for the work. Plus, lot of courses scheduled for delivery. That should keep me busy for the next 1.5 weeks.

My wife would be back from the US assignment in the first/second week of November, if everything goes as planned.

Me did some online shopping in US. Yet to get the products. Hopefully, all the products should arrive by next week.


@ office me got a new pc! acer (APLSe) ; 2.8 GHz/512MB ; flat panel screen with built in speaker + a scroll mouse which was very much needed!……… But, the mouse seems to be a bit creepy.. need to replace it.

Releasing my old dell machine back. And to my surprise, i found that my old HDD (dell) had some problems. I lost some data (not so important), but it was a eye opener. -> hdd giving CRC error!! not a good sign.

Lot of work -> moving data, installing new s/w ………. starting from A!

Title of this blog has changed. I have now associated it with my domian name!..

One more update : me going to chennai today on a personal trip, will be back next tuesday.

Just to say hi!

Got some hands-on with Macromedia Flash MX. Once you get the basic concept right, its pretty simple and easy. But it might take some time to get the basic idea. Found it pretty simple to use.

Been pretty busy for the past few days. Got marathon training session to delivery. around 3 weeks at a stretch..

Will try my best to keep the blog updated :)