Hello after few years? :)!

Yes., its been years since this blog was last updated! All is well.. and there is nothing special to report. Busy with work & family.

As you can imagine most of my online activity is shifted over to ‘social’ media.. so, hit me up on FB & Twitter!

Yup. Alive.

Yup. I am alive. Kind of busy with life. I guess priorities in life change :) — and obviously, blogging is currently not at the top of that list :)………. All good…!!

Pump it!!!

I am pretty sure most of you must have heard the sound track “Pump it ” by Black eyed peas. More so, you might have heard some variant of the track! When I first heard this song from the Black Eyed Peas, i was like…hmm.. i have heard that tune some where!

So, being curious, I did some search on wikipedia on this song… and was presently surprised with the history of the song… Its based on a Greek song called Misirlou.

Further digging brought up this site : The author has nicely documented the history of this song. There have been so many different versions of this song – starting from the 1930’s!  Check out the progression:

In addition to the above, this musical note has been used in various other recordings and sound tracks! No wonder, we have heard that track before! :)

Amogh loves these videos….

Posting some of Amogh’s favorite videos..

Current favorite video : Lakadi Ki Kaati (from the movie Masoom) – He kind of sings it in his own words :) Its too funny to hear it when he sings it.

The next one on the list is: Chulbuli. Kids love this video. Its cute. And its got around 2.1 million views (21 lakhs) already! (Amogh would have contributed at least 5,000 views :)). BTW, its a Ad for Clinic Plus :)

Up next is Bholanath. A old Marathi song for kids. He loves it :)

There are many other videos — but the above are definitely top 3.

Oh, then there is the classical: Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya – he loves this song too…

Hello!…….Knock Knock

A quick post … basically to say that I am alive, and this blog is still live. Its just that it has been very hectic for the past few months with very little time left to blog :)..

And yes, Amogh is keeping both me and Chitra busy :)

More in days to come…