Long Silence & the Wii

I think this is the longest period of silence on this blog!. …. I guess, its over a month since the last post!

Well, all is well, and both of us (me and my wifey) are pretty busy these days with work. Work itself is not as hectic as it used to be couple of months back. Its ok. But kind of lazy to post regularly ;).

In other news…., we brought a Wii. .. and that might explain the reason for not posting. :)


…currently hooked on to Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess. Its kind of a epic game. Almost in the final stages now. I think i will be able to finish it in the next couple of weeks. Need to hunt for the next game then.

Oh, btw, Wii is lots of fun. hehehe.

Our Newyork/Niagara trip was pretty good. Both of us enjoyed it. …Will post the picture soon.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara – Original video

I had been in search of this original Mile Sur Mera Tumhara video for years now! Finally found it on You Tube!

Thanks to Lalima who pointed to this video on the Ek Chidiya comment thread! Enjoy!

Update 1 : To download *any* video from and other video sites, go to You can also use the Video Downloader extension for Firefox to directly download the videos from your Firefox browser.

Update 2 (18-Aug-08) : updated the link to the video on youtube to point to a better quality version of this video.

Virginia Beach – Busch Gardens Trip

This post was long due. Finally found some time over the weekend to post this. Time flies by and its already a week now since this trip. The trip it self was fun.

Our Group: We were a group of 10. 3 Couples and 4 bachelors.
Travel time: appx 7.5 hrs drive – one way
Distance: appx 440 miles- one way
Vehicles: Chevrolet Uplander & Ford Taurus. The Uplander is sort of a mini van accommodating around 7 people. We couples were on the Uplander and the bachelors were on the other car – Ford Taurus.

We planned to start at around 2 PM on Friday, but somehow as usual we started at around 4 PM. :) The drive was pretty cool. Took some breaks on the way and we reached our destination at around 11.30 PM at night. Since it was a long weekend, we could not get any hotel rooms in Virginia Beach itself at a reasonable price. So, we had booked our rooms in hotels at Norfolk which is around 15 miles from Virginia beach. We stayed at the Hilton Norfolk Airport hotel.

Since we were all hungry, we decided to go out to some place to eat. IHOP was the restaurant of choice, but it was crowded. Finally we had to be happy with Wendy’s drive-in since most of the other restaurants had closed by then.

Day 1 – Saturday. Beach day. We were at the beach by around 11 AM I guess, and the beach was pretty crowded. Here are some snaps of the beach:

VA Beach
VA Beach – Click to Zoom

All along the shoreline there are hotels. Unfortunately we could not get accommodation in one of these hotels. But the rooms have a fantastic view of the sea!
VA Beach - Hotels on the Beach
VA Beach – Hotels on the Beach – Click to Zoom

VA Beach
VA Beach – Shoreline -Click to Zoom

Now this is what is called “Sun bath”…
VA Beach - Sun Bath
VA Beach – Sun Bath – Click to Zoom

Hmmm…. Nice shot… What say ?
VA Beach - Hmm...
VA Beach – Hmm… Shhhhh!- Click to Zoom

There are lot of amusement rides on the beach – Jet skiing, Para-sailing and the boat ride shown below :
VA Beach - Pirates Boat Ride
VA Beach – Pirates Boat Ride – Click to Zoom

At around 3 PM in the afternoon, we decided to go for Para-sailing. I was kind of determined to parasail when we first thought about this trip :)… …….. Para-sailing was fun. You must try it at least once in your life time. Here our snap – Me & Chitra

VA Beach - Para-sailing - That's Me & Chitra
VA Beach – Para-sailing – That’s Me & Chitra – Click to Zoom

Towards the end of the ride, if you request, the operators will give you a dip in ocean. We had a nice dip. :) the water was ice cold, and we got half wet. But we got dried pretty soon since it was sunny. For me, Parasailing was the best part of the entire trip!

After Para-sailing, we spent some more time on the beach, and all of were pretty tired.

We then started back to our hotel & freshened up. We had decided to have food at an near by Indian restaurant called Dawat (also known as Nawab). The Non Veg food was kind of OK, but the Veg food sucked big time. Definitely not a place to go again :)…

Day 2: Sunday. Busch Gardens Amusement Park.
We started at around 10 AM to Busch Gardens Amusement Park. Its located at Williams burg, which is around 1 hr drive from Norfolk.

We had to drive via the Hampton Roads. Its land, then bridge over the ocean followed by a Tunnel under the ocean, bridge again, and then Land. Very beautiful.

Here is a Bridge over the ocean…
Bridge over the ocean
Bridge over the ocean – Click to Zoom

And then the Tunnel…
Tunnel under the ocean
Tunnel under the ocean – Click to Zoom

This is how it looks on Google Earth – Satellite Image….
Google Earth Image
Google Earth View of bridge and the tunnel – Click to Zoom

As soon as we approached the exit to the Busch Gardens, we were kind of stuck in the traffic. There was a Major crowd…Looked like all roads led to the Busch Gardens….
Traffic to Busch Gardens
Traffic to Busch Gardens – Click to Zoom

Finally reached…
Busch Gardens Entrance
Busch Gardens Entrance – Click to Zoom

Even though there was major crowd, the Amusement park was well planned to manage such crowds. There was ample parking space, and we did not have major problem parking our vehicles. There were trams to ferry people from the parking lots to the Amusement Park.

The Busch Garden Amusement park at Williams burg is based on “European” theme. The park is divided into different areas named after different European countries. And each of the country has its own set of Rides, Games and Shows.

Here is one of the theatres where shows are held….
One of the theatres in Busch Gardens
One of the theatres in Busch Gardens – Click to Zoom

Busch Garden
Busch Garden – Click to Zoom

Since it was very crowded, there was a wait time of around 20 mins to 45 mins on many of the popular rides. We did manage to sit on some of the rides. Here is one of the rides that we enjoyed… called the Dark Kastle. Its a 3D ride. Thrilling…
Dark Kastle - 3D Ride
Dark Kastle – 3D Ride – Click to Zoom

Then we saw one of the shows called Oktoberfest … A dance performance…
OktoberFest Show
OktoberFest Show – Click to Zoom

This was one of the rides.. where the water splashes…
One of the rides
One of the rides – Click to Zoom

The Amusement park is very big, and one would need at least two days to see the entire park and sit on all the rides. Unfortunately we did not have so much of time with us :(. But we did have fun all the time we spent there.

We started back to Norfolk at around 10 PM and reached Norfolk at around 11 PM. Finally found IHOP not so crowded. Had a heavy dinner at IHOP and crashed to bed.

Day 3: Return. Back to Kingsport. Started our journey back home at around 10 AM after having our breakfast at a local fast food joint. We reached Kingsport at around 6 PM in the evening.

All in all, a great memorable trip!

Virginia Beach

Its Memorial day on Monday and a long weekend….. and we are going on a mini vacation :).

Chitra is coming down to Kingsport from Houston for the weekend, and we have planned a trip to the city of Virginia Beach (Google maps link). We would also be visiting the Busch Gardens (theme park) at Williams Burg, VA.

We plan to start today (i.e., Friday) at around 3.30 PM and reach the city of Virginia Beach by night. Its a 7 hrs drive from Kingpsort. Spend Saturday on the beach. On Sunday, we plan to visit the Busch gardens. Monday morning, start back! So, we should be back in Kingsport by Monday evening.

We are a group of 10. So, it should be fun! Will post photographs once I am back!

Synergy 2005

This weekend was work and fun. I was in office on Saturday to catch up with work. But Sunday was fun. It was the grand finale of Synergy 2005. As mentioned in one of my previous post, Synergy is the annual sports event of mInfosys. The finale is always held on the beach side. This year, the program was at the a place called called “Samudra Darshana Guest house” near Hosabettu. Hosabettu beach is around 10kms from mInfosys.

This year, the program started started in the afternoon, and finished with dinner at around 10 PM.

Various games were played………..started with Triathlon, followed by Lagori….

Lagori – Click to Zoom

After Lagori, there was Sand Castle competition.

Sand Castle
Sand Castle – Click to Zoom

Sand Castle
Sand Castle – Click to Zoom

But the most interesting game was Beach volley ball. The finals between the Green Team and the Red team was really thrilling. Thought fight till the last minute. Finally green won the volley ball finals.

Beach Volley Ball
Beach Volley Ball – Click to Zoom

Beach Volley Ball - Smash!
Beach Volley Ball – Smash – Click to Zoom

Beach Volley Ball
Beach Volley Ball – Click to Zoom

Beach Volley Ball - Smash
Beach Volley Ball – Smash – Click to Zoom

Beach Volley Ball - Red vs Green
Beach Volley Ball – Red vs Green – Click to Zoom

After volley ball, there was tug-of-war. This year around, no major fight in tug-of-war, compared to the previous years when the rope itself used to give up!!

Tug of War
Tug of War – Zoor Lagake Haiyaa – Click to Zoom

Then there was the prize distribution ceremony…..

mInfoscions- Prize Distribution
mInfoscions – Prize Distribution – Click to Zoom

This years overall champions were Red Bulls! (that’s the name of the Red team!).

Red Bulls - Winners of Synergy 2005
Red Bulls – Winners of Synergy 2005 – Click to Zoom

My team, the black hawks had to be happy being in the third place.

Prize distribution was followed by small time dance party….but it was already 10 PM by then.. and we had to wind up.

Lets Dance baby – Click to Zoom

Overall, a great day and had a nice time.

Humor: Trainee at a MNC…

A man joined a big Multi National Company as a trainee.

On his first day, he dialed the kitchen and shouted into the phone:
“Bring me a cup of coffee, quickly!”

The voice from the other side responded:
“You fool; you’ve dialed the wrong extension! Do you know who you’re talking to?”

“No” replied the trainee.

“It’s the Managing Director of the company, you idiot!”

The trainee shouted back: “And do you know who YOU are talking to, you IDIOT?”

“No!” replied the Managing Director angrily.

“Thank God!” replied the trainee and put down the phone.

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