Holston Lake, Tilapia and Cricket!

One more weekend got past…. Weekdays get over fast, but weekends get over twice the speed. My weekdays are pretty hectic. Specially the past couple of weeks. We have a major milestone ahead of us. So, it would continue to be hectic for the next couple of weeks.

This weekend was fun. On Saturday afternoon, we had been to a near by lake. The South Holston lake is around 1 hour drive from our place. Its close to the city of Bristol, Virginia. The drive was beautiful and quite scenic. The lake itself is very vast and beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me. But my friends have clicked a lot of snaps. Will post them once I get my hands on them.

In US, lot of people in this area (i.e., the area close to a lake) own their own boats (speed boats/small boats etc). They tow it to their cars and come over to the lake to have a boat ride! So, its pretty common to see boats on the roads here! (off-course towed!)

After spending sometime at the lake, we then went to the city of Bristol. Is a small town, but much bigger compared to Kingsport. We went to the Bristol Mall, spend some time there doing some window shopping. Some of my friends did some shopping too. We reached back home at around 8.30 PM. After reaching home, we went to a nearby restaurant called “Riverfront” for dinner. They specialize in sea food. I had a fish called Tilapia. I don’t know what its called in India, but it was good and tasted more or less like the fish we get back home in India.

Sunday was fun.. played cricket for nearly 2 hours. I guess, the last time I played cricket was some 3-4 years back!. I don’t even remember!! So, it was fun. Played four 5 over matches. Fun! And..Since I am not used to these sports activities, i can feel the body pain already :) Specially my shoulders. But that’s fine. Should be back to normal in the next couple of days.

So.. that’s the update. Back to office/work tomorrow!

MIT Alumni Get together @ Mangalore – Feb 12th ’06

Manipal Institute of Technology, (MIT Manipal) is organising an Alumni Get together at Mangalore on 12th February 2006.

Venue : KMC, Mangalore
Light House Hill Road,
Mangalore 575001

Open to all Alumni of MIT. Registration FREE
Programme starts at 5:00 pm sharp concludes by 8:00 pm
To confirm participation send E mail to
Last date to confirm participation is 31st Jan 2006.

Organisers :

Link :

Busy week and friends…

The last week was pretty hectic. Spent most of the time at office in meetings and meetings and meetings.

But the best part about the previous week was, I was able to talk to many of my old college friends! Got a array of calls from friends all a sudden! Also met a friend of mine who had come down from US on vacation. Also, spoke to couple classmates over messengers/chat.

Its really great and nice to talk to old friends…discussing various ‘happenings’ and getting updates about other friends!! :) …….like….”This guy is now doing this…and that….” etc :). Fun!

20 Random Facts about me.

Ok. Melody dragged me into this :). This is kind of chain mail stuff, except that the crow doesn’t shit on my head if don’t do this :). So, … just for fun.

…….. here we go. 20 Random facts about me…….

20. I joined school one year in advance. So, was younger then most of my classmates all the way. In a way, it was kind of advantage. Lot of things changed the next year onward. From Syllabus to textbooks to university!

19. I have always been fascinated with electronics stuff or gadgets if you can call so. More interested in seeing what’s within the gadgets! (No. I haven’t yet opened my iPod nano)

18. I Used to maintain an e-diary before I started to blog. But its way too personal to be put on the net!

17. As a kid, I studied at the Canara group of institutes in Mangalore, i.e., up to my 12th Grade. After that i did my Engineering in Computer Science from Manipal Institute of Technology , Manipal (under Mangalore University)

16. At home I am also known as Vasudev. Arjun is my official name.

15. While I was in engineering, I never wanted to join the company that i am currently working for. Infact, I was placed in an other company called Mascot System (now known was iGate). Due to recession in 2000-2001, our joining dates got delayed and delayed.. and sort of never came up.

14. I am a very time conscious, committed, fun-loving and cool person. When it comes to work, I am very serious about it. I think a lot. I do have a lot of patience. I love to talk. And, I love humor.

13. Used to get into lot of fights etc while at school. I think till about class 7 or 8. Stopped after that.

12. Got in trouble while at class 3 for jumping a big wall in school with a bunch of other kids. People / teachers tell that I was kind of a overactive/trouble maker kind of a kid. So, many of my teachers still remember me to date. But, I was pretty good at studies too. Not a topper, but used to be in the top 10.

11. I have never smoked nor had alcohol in my life. Lot of people don’t believe this since i have a nice little tummy now. :)

10. I am the only child of my parents.

09. I got married on the same day that I had proposed to my wife 2 years back. I have been knowing her for around 6 years before I proposed her.

08. After doing my graduation, I had given my GRE and TOEFL and had even got an admission into an university in US of A for doing my Masters. Was all set to go, but got a job offer at my current company at the last moment.

07. I like listening to easy music. Not particular of the class of music, as long as I can tolerate the music, its ok. Not a fan of hard rock etc.

06. Love photography. Wanted a camera since I was around 8 years old. But never got one in hand. Bought a Digital SLR a year back. And ever since then its has been fun. A amateur photographer now. Check out my flickr photostream.

05. I used to have lot of acnes on my face, while at college. But never bothered much about it. Now my face is pretty much clear.

04. Lost count of number of crushes I have had in life. No more counting now though.

03. Dates that I can never forget are : Last day of college, 15th Dec 2001, 08/09th Jan 2002, 15th Jan 2002, 12-15th may 2002. 8th Jul 2002, 15th Dec 2003. (No, i wont tell why these dates can’t be forgot!)

02. I hate lies and… I don’t lie…., Well most of the time.

01. Not all facts mentioned above are true :).

So those were purely 20 random facts about me, just the onces that I could think as I wrote this post. Thanks to Melody for tagging me :)

So, let me pass this on to……

Some like it HOT!!

My transfer is now complete in all aspects. As of now, I haven’t been allocated to any project. So, not much of work. But, the past couple of days, including the weekend I have been pretty busy.

At office, we had a group called Employee Social Service Group (ESSG). Recently, this group was converted into a trust under the name Prerana. Under Prerana, this week, we started a new initiative called ‘Sponsor a child’ which helps the children in the neighborhood school. It basically funds the mid-day meal program, and also funds some books etc. So, as a part of this initiative, I wrote a small web-based application, using which the employees could select the kids they would sponsor. Did the design, and wrote the code over the weekend, and yesterday (Monday), we launched the Initiative. So, far, we have got very good response, and more then 3/4th of the kids are already sponsored (out of around 215 kids)!, which is really good. Other than that, yes, finished my mid year appraisal yesterday. Went on well.

Yesterday evening we had arranged for a small party for a small group of friends ( be precise). For almost the whole day, the weather was kind of pleasant, but right at 7.00 PM, it started to pour!……..So, we started out a bit late. We went to “Madhuvan Village”. This restaurant has a very good ambiance and the food is also pretty good. We had a nice time. After Village, we went to “Cherry Square” for deserts. Its a small joint on the St. Agnes-Balmatta road, which is becoming pretty popular now a days. The specialty there is deserts. Specially a desert called “Some like it hot” !. Its really mouth watering. :)

Here is a brief description of what it is………

They get a brownie with a big ice cream scoop in a sizzler plate, which is really HOT. Then keep it in front of you. Then they pour a glass of HOT chocolate sauce over the ice cream. When the sauce hits the sizzler plate, its start to virtually boil, and make the sizzling sound!. And then over it, they pour lot of cashew nuts! :)………. Now………isn’t that tasty ? :)

So, most of us ate the above specialty! At around 10.30 PM, we wound up!

Oh yes, over the weekend saw the movie “Bunty aur Bubbly”. Nice movie. But the print was really bad, which spoilt the viewing experience. The video shop guy told us that the CD was a original CD and the cover etc looked so. But, when we played it, it was really sick. These people now make pirated CDs which look quite original!.

Yahoo 360° and Orkut Invites

Thanks to Harsh, I got hooked on to Yahoo 360° and Orkut. Actually, i had kind of consciously kept both of them away…. or in other words, had not put any special efforts to get an invite for both of these services, primarily because it would be very addictive. Anyway, when Harsh spoke to me over IM about it, i decided to try it out! :)

First hand comments : Yahoo 360° -> .. did not like it much. setup sucks. no guided wizard/setup. broken kind. found myself lost.

Orkut : cool. found tons of friends :)………..

If you need invites on any of these services drop a comment!

MIT, Manipal – Trip to Arishina Gundi falls

This is one trip that most of us would not forget about!. I guess this one was in 1999. We all started off to Arishina Gundi falls (near Kollur). We were supposed to trek in the jungle and reach the falls. One of our guys assured us that *he* knew the route. We finally ended up being lost in the jungle, with tons of leeches stuck to our legs. Yuck.

On the way to Arishina Gundi (Click to enlarge)

Lost in the jungle!, but happy :) (Click to enlarge)

Finally found a some civilization (Click to enlarge)

After a few hours of walk, we finally managed to see some civilization! and found our way back.

On our way back (Click to enlarge)

Fun at Maravanthe beach (Click to enlarge)

On the way back, we went to the Maravanthe beach and had some fun out there! We never made it to the falls, but it was real fun!