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aDSL Modem Blues…

Here is more on my adventures with broadband!

…. As a part of the touchtel package, we get a USB DSL modem on rental basis (Rs. 49 per month, included in the Rs. 700)

Initially, I was given a modem from beetel!…..

It had a beetel logo on it!. The installation went on without any problems…. And I was online in just a couple of mins. Was online for around 10 mins without any issues when the tech guy was around.

That night, I connected, and to my surprise, I got disconnected every 2 to 3 mins !….the connection was not at all stable.

Called up the tech guys again, and told them about the problem. They came down immediately the next day, checked the wiring etc., and finally, found the bug. It was got something to do with some settings on the server side, which was corrected, and after that no more disconnects !

Then started the real fun!…….. Now, I had stable connections without any disconnections!…:) => time to open up shareaza and make full use of my bandwidth :)………..

Started shareaza, and with a couple of mins after running shareaza, I got the blue screen of death on windows XP!. Boooom…….. Did major research on the net, and found that this was to with the modem drivers.

Tried to search for the latest version of the drivers,… and in the process came to know that the modem is actually manufactured by a Japanese company! and actually, its called TERA 100U !!..with a globespanvirata chipset. …the entire site is in Japanese. no english!., but still managed to get the drivers, and found that they are the same version as I had ! Then searched for some generic globespanvirata drivers!,…only to find that the company is taken over by conexant and could not find anything significant at conexant!

Only option left was to get back to tech guys!.. And to my surprise, the tech guy was really helpful and understanding. Without questions, he straight away replaced the modem. This time, a modem manufactured in Delhi!! with a proper conexant chipset. No more blue screen of death!.

Now all P2P programs rock!

Actually, this problem is more noticeable while running any P2P programs. i.e, its got something to do with the way in which these program work ! (may be opening up lot of connections..etc). Infact, I was able to reduce the frequency of the crash by changing the connection settings in shareaza. But could not avoid it altogether. But now, with the other modem, no problems at all. Not seen the blue screen of death since then.

All I can say is, the touchtel customer care is pretty good., and very responsive. Keep it up guys!

Sharing files ? Try Shareaza

Its been almost a week since I wrote anything over here. busy with work. pretty hectic now a days.

Came across this wonderful P2P file sharing tool. Its really worth a try. Its called Shareaza.

I was a bit skeptical to download this tool, when one of the websites asked me to do so before I could download a game for my cousin. But my cousin just wanted the game, and I had no other choice but to dowload and use it!. I had to install this P2P client.

The site looked cool and was surprised to find that this tool is ad-free ! unlike kazaa and ….all the ‘azaaa”s :)……. and … to add to it, shareaza was OpenSource too! so no spyware or stuff like that. That made me more comfortable, and downloaded and installed the stuff. It was around 2.5 MB and took a couple of mins over my dialup 56 Kbps modem to download.. Installed it, and it was really cool.

Some of the features :

  1. It can connect to Multiple filesharing n/w at a time. ( EDonkey2000, Gnutella, BitTorrent and Gnutella2 (G2) Networks.)
  2. Probability of finding the file you want is pretty high
  3. you can search for songs, videos, books, applications.. you name it!
  4. you can download from multiple sources and networks
  5. the UI is very intuitive and is one of the coolest
  6. Pretty good control and security.
  7. It does not get stuck(wait state) etc. the response to your action is really really fast.
  8. It has some neat skins.
  9. does not hog much resources.

I could find virtually any file/song/video that I could think of using this one!

The only sad part of the entire thing is, the bandwidth that I have at home! ie.., a dial up line. 56Kbps. :(… and after using shareaza, I strongly felt the need of a T3 link. Hahaha. But a broad band link is ok. And… I think I will get one soon. More on that in my next post!

Till then, do try out this wonderful p2p client!…


Well… Gestures are……gestures, and now we have mouse gestures!

Yes.. its a extension (aka plugin) available for Firefox. Once you install this plugin, you don’t need to go all the way up to the back button to go back!. All you need to do is, press the right button of ur mouse, and drag ur mouse to the left. IA, you are making a gesture that you want to go back.

To go forward ? yes.. you guessed it right. .. Right mouse button + move your mouse to the right.

To refresh -> Right mouse button + move mouse up and down ! As simple as that.

there around 25+ mouse gestures..very helpful and time saving and fundu!

Bye bye Baazee. Hello!

Update : 25-Mar-2005 -> Finally, is now pointing to and not

Update : 28-Jun-2005 -> Seems like even is pointing to the ebay India site.

I knew this was going to happen, but not soo soon!

First it was baazee buying and now, ebay buying baazee..! Typical example of bigger fish eating the smaller ones!

I have used both of them (or all three of them, including bidorbuyindia). The transition would be interesting!…would like to see how they would manage the transition.

Associated Press
EBay to Buy India’s Inc.
06.23.2004, 06:47 AM

Internet marketplace eBay Inc. said Wednesday that it agreed to purchase Indian e-commerce site Inc. for about $50 million, plus acquisition costs and post-signing adjustments.

eBay said it doesn’t expect the acquisition to hurt 2004 revenue and earnings per share, nor does the company plan to alter its first-quarter earnings guidance announced in April.

The company expects to close the acquisition in the third calendar quarter of 2004. currently has more than one million confirmed registered users who trade in a wide range of categories from consumer electronics and computers, to home decor and jewelry.

Meg Whitman, president and CEO of eBay, said, “Although it’s early days for e-commerce in India, we believe there is great opportunity over the long term.’s strong management team and solid focus on its community make it a natural fit with eBay.”

There are currently 17 million Internet users in India, and that number is expected to grow to more than 30 million in 2006, according to IDC’s Internet Commerce Market Model.

RSS Feed……How to read?

Yes ! RSS (real simple syndication) feeds are the in-thing. Goto any website, you will find the familiar XML logo!

But, how do I use these RSS Feeds ?

Well, we have RSS Readers. One of the RSS readers that I have come across, which nicely integrates into Microsoft outlook is newsgator!. Check it out at . Its worth a try.

There are tons of freeware RSS readers on the net. Just Google!

Infact, you can read this blog using the RSS readers!
Just use the following URL:


Update: Check this post for a better web based feed reader.