Monthly Archive: December 2009

Pump it!!!

I am pretty sure most of you must have heard the sound track “Pump it ” by Black eyed peas. More so, you might have heard some variant of the track! When I first heard this song from the Black Eyed Peas, i was like…hmm.. i have heard that tune some where!

So, being curious, I did some search on wikipedia on this song… and was presently surprised with the history of the song… Its based on a Greek song called Misirlou.

Further digging brought up this site : The author has nicely documented the history of this song. There have been so many different versions of this song – starting from the 1930’s!  Check out the progression:

In addition to the above, this musical note has been used in various other recordings and sound tracks! No wonder, we have heard that track before! :)