Monthly Archive: May 2008

In Mangalore – on vacation!

Well, I am in Mangalore these days on vacation. I will be here for a month. Its more than two years since I left Mangalore. We landed here on May 4th and I would be traveling back on June 2nd. Chitra and Amogh will stay back for sometime here at Mangalore and join me later.

The past couple of days have been kind of very hectic!.. So little time and soo much to do…….. wish I had more vacation. In between all this we need to travel to Chennai for my VISA Stamping coming weekend.

Mangalore – As a city has changed a lot. Lot of new building …, actually ‘big’ buildings! :)… I am yet to visit the “Bharat Mall” and the “Empire Mall” here in Mangalore… just got a chance to see it from outside…. The land/real estate prices in Mangalore have skyrocketed.. and doesn’t make sense at all. Its impossible for the middle and upper middle class to buy a decent piece of land in the city any more.

When I left Mangalore two years back, there was nothing called traffic jam, but now, .. I see traffic problems everywhere.

The weather now here is typical mangalore summer. Very warm and humid.

More later…

PS: I actually typed this around May 16th, but could only post it today (June 16th)!