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IMPORTANT: See Update 2 below.

This might be useful if you make frequent purchases on Although Amazon’s website does not say this ‘loudly’, Amazon does have a price protection policy!

While does not do price-matching with other retailers, but if the price of the product that you bought on amazon drops within 30 days of your purchase, you can ask for a refund of the difference amount. The key here is, you need to ask amazon for the refund!

Here is what the policy reads:

Post-Order Price Guarantee’s prices for released items will change from time to time based on a variety of factors. If’s price for an already-released item decreases within 30 days after we ship the item to you, we’ll be glad to refund the difference in price if you contact us. Please click one of the buttons on the right, and be sure to have your order number handy so we can assist you.

This Post-Order Price Guarantee is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Applies only to products that have already been released. Products that have not yet been released but that are available for pre-order from are not covered by this guarantee, but do benefit from our Pre-Order Price Protection program (see section above).
  • Applies only to items sold by, and not to items (or prices) offered by other sellers on our site.
  • Item prices that are affected by a promotion such as “Buy one, get one free” are not eligible.
  • The price of an item after rebate is not considered to be the price.

Link to this policy can be found here on the amazon website.

I had recently purchased a Logitech Headset on amazon, and the price has dropped twice already, and each time the priced dropped, I got the appropriate refund!

Very handy for electronic products which have the tendency for price drops!

Also, one more interesting and very useful site is This site lets you enter your purchase information (item#, date of purchase and your purchase price) and your email. Once you enter this info, the site automatically checks for price drops every day for the next 30 days and notifies you of any changes. Thats how I got to know of the second price drop for the Logitech Headset that I purchased!

Update 1: Check out this site : -> this one is similar to, but tracks nearly 60 popular online stores for price drops – so that you can get your refunds!.

Update 2: As of Sep 1st, 2008, Amazon no longer has the price protection policy. Sad but true.

Toledo Bend, Zwolle & Natchitoches – Louisiana

Here are some snaps from the Labor day long weekend trip (Sep 1st – Sep 3rd). We had been to a place called Zwolle. Well, it sounds like a African name, but its a very small place in Louisiana. To be more precise, we went to the Toledo Bend lake area and stayed at one of the resorts (Wildwood Resorts) on the banks of the lake.

This place is on the border of Texas and Louisiana. Actually, the Toledo Bend lake is formed due to a Dam which is built across the Sabine River. This river kind of forms the border between Texas and Louisiana! The lake itself is pretty big, and I read on one of the websites that its the largest man made lake in the South (of USA).

Here are some snaps……..

Fishing Pier at Wildwood Resort - Toledo Bend
Fishing Pier at Wildwood Resort – Toledo Bend

Fishing Pier at Wildwood Resort - Toledo Bend
Fishing Pier at Wildwood Resort – Toledo Bend


Wart problem ? try this home remedy!!!

Well, first of all, I am not a doctor or anything like that! So, try this at your own risk! :)… But this is something that has worked for me like magic, and has worked for thousands of other people. So I thought of sharing it will all of you!

Well, I had a very small wart on one of my fingers on the left hand. Warts are pretty common and are caused by a virus known as human papillomavirus. They normally appear on the foot, but can appear anywhere on the body. They are not very painful or very harmful etc, but definitely not something that you would like to have on your skin! And……… most of the time, its pretty hard to get rid of them! :)

Now, coming back to my small wart, it had been on my finger for over 2 years growing very slowly – And I tried lots of medications to get rid of it – including tablets, over the counter Salicylic acid and even the Duct tape occlusion therapy!. But nothing seemed to work. All of them just gave temporary relief but no matter what I did, the wart would come back exactly at the same spot within a month or so!

Finally – did some Googling and came across this home remedy – Very simple, Very cheap, and it worked like miracle. Its almost 4 months now, and no signs of the wart that had troubled me for over 2+ years!


Google Reader – Now has search!!!

Yeeeeeeh. Finally!

Search In google reader

Google reader now has in-built Search. I guess this was one of the most requested feature. I am sure a lot of people are happy about this……………… Well, it took a while, but now its there. Thanks Google!

There are some other minor improvements to the Google Reader as well. Check the other changes here!

Btw, have you checked the new beta version of bloglines ? It looks cool, but I don’t think I will switch back to bloglines any time soon … I am pretty happy with Google reader!