Monthly Archive: July 2007

Long Silence & the Wii

I think this is the longest period of silence on this blog!. …. I guess, its over a month since the last post!

Well, all is well, and both of us (me and my wifey) are pretty busy these days with work. Work itself is not as hectic as it used to be couple of months back. Its ok. But kind of lazy to post regularly ;).

In other news…., we brought a Wii. .. and that might explain the reason for not posting. :)


…currently hooked on to Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess. Its kind of a epic game. Almost in the final stages now. I think i will be able to finish it in the next couple of weeks. Need to hunt for the next game then.

Oh, btw, Wii is lots of fun. hehehe.

Our Newyork/Niagara trip was pretty good. Both of us enjoyed it. …Will post the picture soon.