Monthly Archive: May 2006

Virginia Beach

Its Memorial day on Monday and a long weekend….. and we are going on a mini vacation :).

Chitra is coming down to Kingsport from Houston for the weekend, and we have planned a trip to the city of Virginia Beach (Google maps link). We would also be visiting the Busch Gardens (theme park) at Williams Burg, VA.

We plan to start today (i.e., Friday) at around 3.30 PM and reach the city of Virginia Beach by night. Its a 7 hrs drive from Kingpsort. Spend Saturday on the beach. On Sunday, we plan to visit the Busch gardens. Monday morning, start back! So, we should be back in Kingsport by Monday evening.

We are a group of 10. So, it should be fun! Will post photographs once I am back!

Single character search results on google

Here are the top results on google for the characters {A-Z,0-9}

a –
b –
c –
d –
e –
f –
g –
h –
i –
j –
k –
l –
m –
n –
o –
p –
q –
r –
s –
t – (at&t)
u –
v –
w –
x –
y –
z –

0 –
1 –
2 –
3 –
4 –
5 –….
6 –
7 –
8 –
9 –

Results for letters L, P & T did not have the letters in thier URL, but they were quite prominent in the page titles. When it comes to numbers, – 5, 6, 7 & 9 were not present in the URL!.

Wondering what algorithm is used to rank these pages!

Which cartoon series do you follow?

Well, I am a religious follower of Dilbert and Garfield!. Never miss it, thanks to bloglines. Have been following both these series for over two years now.

Why Dilbert ?


Short Answer : I work in IT industry :).
Its just true to life. You can relate almost everything that’s going around you at your work to Dilbert :). The pointy haired boss character is soo real. The catbert….. I remember HR folks of my company whenever i see catbert :))Why Garfield ?
Garfield sleeping

Well, somehow I can relate myself to the Garfield character pretty well…:)… (ya.. more than half the men out there think so … .. hehehe)Never heard of Dilbert and Garfield ?… Check these article on wikipedia on Dilbert and Garfield. They are very informative.

So, which cartoon series do you follow and like the most ?…. Do leave a comment.

Oh yes, in the animated world, I love Tom and Jerry :) Cute. :)

Finally a car – 1998 Toyota Camry LE

After months of car search, finally found the right car to buy!!

Its a Tan colored 1998 Toyota Camry LE. Came to know about this car from the last Friday. Called up the seller and got the details. Ran a carfax check on the car. It came out clean. We then went to Johnson City to see the car on Friday, did a test ride, and found it pretty neat. Then on Saturday, we took the car to a Auto shop to do a 30 point checkup and found that the Car was in pretty good shape. Closed the deal on Saturday itself.

However, the car needed some attention to its breaks. So, fixed it, and took the delivery today.

Some Specs :
– 1998 Toyota Camry LE
– Automatic
– 4D Sedan
– Tan Colored
– Power Windows
– Power Locks
– Cruise Control

Here are some snaps :

98 Toyota Camry LE

98 Toyota Camry LE

98 Toyota Camry LE

98 Toyota Camry LE

Looking forward for a safe and fun filled driving experience in United States!

Eight signs that Microsoft dead in the water

Check out this article by John Dvorak on Microsoft. 100% true. Great read.

I am fully convinced that Microsoft is loosing focus on its bread and butter business – i.e., developing good software. Instead its spending most of its energy in territories like advertising and search. Leave those things alone! Yes, agreed that there is lot money involved in advertising, but that does not mean that you should jump into the other territories without having the capabilities.

Microsoft is too occupied and obsessed with what Google is doing and that’s gonna cost Microsoft a lot!. Where as, Google doesn’t bother about what Microsoft does!!.. The day it does, Google too would be in big trouble!

One of the points from the above article…

8. Preoccupation with Google. Microsoft is too easily distracted by successful companies who are not competitors. There is a deep-rooted belief that if a company like Google is successful, then they are an enemy per se. So the company obsesses on what Google is doing rather than concentrating on important Microsoft projects. Now Microsoft is about to do a deal with Yahoo to flank Google. This old-lady-like skittishness is unbecoming for a company this size.

Check this: Possible Microsoft & Yahoo merger article on slashdot.

More: Mr. Ballmer’s mail to Micro$oft folks.

I feel that the next couple of years would really decide Microsoft’s future!

Watauga Lake

Had been to the Watauga lake on Sunday. Its about a hours drive from Kingsport. Its pretty close to Elizabethton. Watauga lake is the highest lake in Tennessee and the third cleanest lake in North America! … and very beautiful too!. This lake was formed due to the construction of a Dam across the Watauga river. The lake is appx 19 miles long with around 106 miles of shoreline!!

Walk to the Watauga Lake
Walk to the Watauga Lake – (Click to Zoom)

Watauga Lake
Watauga Lake – (Click to Zoom)

Watauga Lake
Watauga Lake – (Click to Zoom)

Sail Boat at Watauga Lake
Sail Boat at Watauga Lake – (Click to Zoom)

Sail Boat at Watauga Lake
Sail Boat at Watauga Lake – (Click to Zoom)

Watauga Lake
Watauga Lake – (Click to Zoom)

Watauga Lake
Watauga Lake – (Click to Zoom)

Watauga Lake - Panorama
Watauga Lake – Panorama – (Click to Zoom)

The word “Watauga” is supposedly a Native American word meaning “beautiful river”.