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Work, weekday, weekend and the car hunt

Its been quite sometime since I wrote here. Yes, you guessed is right. Work. As I had mentioned in one of my previous post, we have a milestone around this week. Most of the work from my end has been done well in advance. Except for a few minor hitches, everything is going on smoothly. But the last couple of days have been kind of hectic. And, the next couple of days would be hectic too.

This weekend was pretty lazy and relaxing. My car-hunt is on. Finding it very difficult to find a decent car. On saturday, we had been to Johnson City (around 15 miles from Kingsport) to see a car. Before going, I had checked with the seller on the condition of the car, the vechicle history etc… The car was supposed to have a little hail damage., and the seller told me that he was the first owner of the car and the car had a clean history.

We did manage to see the car, but could not meet the seller. He wasn’t there!! He had told us that he would be around!! But we did manage to get the VIN number. Came back, did a carfax check on the VIN number only to find that the odometer of the car had been rolled back! No wonder the car had low miles on it! besides, the car has already had 3 owners! So, the hunt continues….

Taxi No 9211
Sunday, saw Taxi No 9211. Timepass movie. Nothing special. Two characters all bent upon screwing each other. No storyline……….nothing. I am just wondering about the fact that there is a page at wikipedia for this movie. LOL!!!

Also saw the award winning movie ‘Crash‘ (Official Site). Was good. Some scences were very touching. Would rate around 8.5 on a scale of 10. Oh. Yes, I subscribed to online.

Google Calendar is Live… and it rocks!!

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is Live… and it rocks!… Its just too cool. I am really impress at the feature set they have provided on day 1. Almost as good as outlook. … in fact its much better than outlook!

The entire blogosphere has gone crazy about this, and i think this would be a hot topic for the next few days!.

I just quickly reviewed it, and I am amazed at the features that they have provided. The best part is the “Quick Add” feature. Just say “Meet Mr.XYZ at Bangalore at 3PM this Saturday” , and it understands!. It also gives you an option to view the map of that area (i.e., Bangalore in this case)! Very Impressive. Besides, the entire calendar is click-able/draggable. Its totally Ajax based. You can setup notifications too (emails and if you are in US, you can setup SMS notifications too).

The UI is just fantastic. Oh yes, there is very good support of data import/export. You can import your Outlook calendar, Apple iCal data, or Yahoo! Calendar data. You can also export to both XML and ICAL. And… the best part is, you can share the calendar with rest of the world or you can allow granular access to people you choose!!

One more step close to a Web-based world! Can’t wait for web-based document editor (aka word) and a web-based spreadsheet (aka excel)!

Do give it a try!, and ..yes, its still a beta!

More info from Google available here.

More review here, here, here and here.

Win XP on Mac : Officially – An bouncer from Apple

April 1st, 2006, 30th anniversary of Apple. And no major announcements from Apple. That’s what the world thought. But then came this announcement….a bouncer from Apple! Boot Camp.

Now you can run Win XP on an Intel Mac. I would say that this is a major event in the history of computing. It means a lot, and I am sure that the Apple stocks are zooming sky up.

How would it impact Micro$oft? Well, as of now, Microsoft would be happy to see that Win XP works on Mac. But, Apple is a company which has learnt some hard lessons. Specially from Micro$oft. Its just a matter of time. For now, It would also mean that the sales of Macs would sky rocket since it would open up a whole new segment of users – the business users! Think about it! Wow.

I think the next big company to be impacted would be Dell. Dell, Watch out! Seriously, I was considering buying a dual core Laptop from Dell but now suddenly, a MacBook Pro seems to be a better option!. What say ?

BTW, an interesting side note from the Boot Camp site …

Word to the Wise
Windows running on a Mac is like Windows running on a PC. That means it’ll be subject to the same attacks that plague the Windows world. So be sure to keep it updated with the latest Microsoft Windows security fixes.

Oh, yes, there is a rumor that with the next version of OS X, one can directly run Windows Applications in the OS X environment. Wow!

Patents : How stupid can they get?

Patents = big money… Well, not always. But this one is the latest Patent Infringement suit which involves big money : Netflix suing Blockbuster for Patent Infringement.

Netflix V/S Blockbuster

Here is what it says…

Netflix holds two U.S. patents for its business methodology, which calls for subscribers to pay a monthly fee to select and rent DVDs from the company’s Web site and to maintain a list of titles telling Netflix in which order to ship the films, according to the patents, which were included as exhibits in the lawsuit. The first patent, granted in 2003, covers the method by which Netflix customers select and receive a certain number of movies at a time, and return them for more titles. The second patent, issued on Tuesday, “covers a method for subscription-based online rental that allows subscribers to keep the DVDs they rent for as long as they wish without incurring any late fees, to obtain new DVDs without incurring additional charges and to prioritize and reprioritize their own personal dynamic queue — of DVDs to be rented

WTF ? I am just wondering at the IQ of people who granted this patent!

It also means one can Patent things like…
“I get up early in the morning, brush my teeth, and then go to the restroom… have bath and then go to office”…. and then once the patent is granted, can sue anyone who follows this routine………..including the person who issued this patent.

How about a restaurant which says……
“The guests at our restaurant can sit at the restaurant as long as they want and enjoy the food served……. ” – Yes, surely you can patent this….

Then how about…..Walmart or any big shopping chain says…. “Our customers can shop as long as they want and we won’t charge them for being at our shop & spending time …..” — Well, this can be patented too… and sue every other supermarket chain on the planet.

Oh.. ya… what about breathing…? I am sure a patent would soon be granted for that too.. Just a matter of time…Real crazy.

More discussion on & Slashdot

Check these crazy patents too!

BTW, did you know that Micro$oft has been granted a patent for double click??

Ice Age : The Meltdown

Went to Ice Age : The Meltdown movie yesterday (i.e., Friday). First day first show.

Ice Age : The Meltdown

Good movie. I liked it. There is no strong story line as such, but its got lot of humor which would make you laugh.

Ice Age : The Meltdown

The animation too is great.

From Wikipedia…. :
The working title for this movie was Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. For the movie’s final release, they decided to remove the number 2, calling it Ice Age: The Meltdown, as the creators considered the movie not a sequel but an entirely new movie. However, in the UK, Ireland and Australia, its title is promoted as Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

More Info & reviews at the IMDB.