A offline weekend!

While I was working on the laptop on Saturday night, all of a sudden, the laptop stopped responding. A minute later, I got to see the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

For me it was pretty much routine to see the BSOD, and I thought to myself..”yet another Microsoft/driver problem”… but I was wrong. I rebooted the laptop, and found that the system wasn’t booting up. Further investigation showed that the hard-disk wasn’t detected in the BIOS itself :(. Aaahhhhrrrrrr………

What a bad time for the HDD to crash. I didn’t have a boot disk or any alternative media with which I could boot. :( So, the entire Sunday, was without a computer. Somehow spent the day seeing some (stupid) TV channels ….etc.

Monday.. i.e., today took the laptop to the office, and they said that its totally dead, and all the data is gone. .. they could try sending it to some external agencies to recover the data, but its gonna cost quite a bit. Luckily, there wasn’t any major data loss.

So, spent most of the day today setting up the software and environment that I would need for my day to day work…and its not fully over yet.

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  1. dev

    Worst time… To happen on saturday nite. Sunday is screwed in that case. :)
    It’s called Murphy’s law… ur comp will crash at the time when you cant find anyone to repair it.
    On the bright side, it didnt happen on Sat morn. (heh heh)

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