Wireless @ Home

My 802.11g wireless router came in this week. I actually wanted to buy a Linksys router, but got a very good deal on D-Link AirPlus™ G DI-524 Wireless Router. Got it for around $9 after mail-in rebates from eCost.com. But the final price was around $17 after shipping & Handling fees, which is still much lower compared to Linksys price. Will go for Linksys in future if there is a need.

D-Link DI-524

It took around 30 mins for me to setup the router. And around 15 to 20 mins to setup a secured network.

So, now its fun browsing without the wires!


  1. Kapil

    Hey that looks like a nice one there. Tell me something, does it work across the house or do you need to have clear space. I want to set-up the router in one room and work on a laptop in another. Will it work?

  2. Arjun (Post author)

    @Kapil : It works pretty well within the house. No problems at all. The signal strength is pretty good for atleast 300 feet. Outdoors its even better.

  3. Vin

    Dude, tell me something is this router for high-speed cable broadband or DSL? Is the downstream speed within the house same as the direct ethernet connection from cable modem?

    I mean does it slow down after placing the wireless router let me know. I am planning to go for this one.

  4. Arjun (Post author)

    @Vin : It works with both cable and DSL modems. Yes. Downstream speed is same.

    I could not find any speed slowdown over router.

    My cable modem down stream is around 2.5 Mbps, and upstream is around 256kbps. … the router is a 54Mbps router. So, not a issue.

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