Hello 2006, Hello WordPress 2

First post of 2006, and my first post using WordPress 2!. That’s how I start my new year post!

WordPress 2 has been out for a couple of days now, and I chose to upgrade my blog to this brand new version. And…. all I can say is, WordPress 2 rocks!

You might not notice any visible changes at the front end, but the back-end, i.e., the admin console has got a major facelift. The upgrade process itself is very well documented here, and I did not face any issues.

If you are using any special plugins, you might need to look at it before you upgrade. The entire plugin compatibility list can be found here. In my case, almost all the plugins were already compatible. I just had to upgrade only one plugin since the new version would give me more features (the old version would also work..).

If you find something wrong on this blog after the upgrade, please let me know!