Google Result Pages – New Format ?

Just found that the Google result page format has changed! Specially while using IE. The change is not yet visible for Firefox. The links on top have moved to the left, and lot of space available on the right side of the screen (ads???).

Not sure how long this would last, may be Google could be doing some testing…… Anyway, here is as screen shot of the same…

Google result pages - New format
Click to Zoom

Can you see these changes too ?


  1. sathya

    hi arjun,

    hey did u see Google Earth it says Mangalore as Mangaluru(this was much before the govt directive)

    and google results appear normal at my place :-/

  2. Arjun (Post author)

    yup. Noticed the naming the first time it tried searching for Mangalore on google earth! May be they can read the minds of our politicians ;)

    About google results, at my work place to, i can see normal result page. But at home PC (on IE), its still in the above format!

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