Hectic week and a lazy Saturday

Yes, yet another weekend almost coming to an end. But this weekend was kind of a major relief. As in, really relaxed. The previous week was very hectic.

At office, quite a lot of things are happening. Synergy – the annual sports event of mInfosys kicked off last week. In this event, people from the entire development center are divided randomly into different groups. Each group has a color associated with them. So, its a battle of colors. The four colors chosen this time are Black, Blue, Green and Red. This year, I am in the Black team.

This is my 4th synergy at mInfosys. I was in the Red team the first time, and our team was named Red Indians. The second time, I was in the Black team, and our team was known as Black Panthers. The third time, I was in the Blue team, and we were known as Kool Blues. This time, i am again in the Black team and we have named ourselves as Black Hawks. But this time around due to my hectic project schedule, I am unable to actively participate in the events. But its fun. Oh yes, one more thing, the team that I belonged to has never ever won the synergy cup so far!!! nor has it come last :) (read – optimism!!! hehehe)

Work wise, some challenging assignments are coming up. So far, it has been a good experience being in delivery (i.e., projects). Have learnt quite a lot in the last 6 months. Both in terms of processes, quality related stuff and as well as technology.

One of the new assignment is a migration project from one cool technology to another happening technology. The good thing is, in the process, we get to know 2 cool technologies at once and leverage on that knowledge in future. For, the more curious techie guys (and gals) out there, the technologies involved are eRoom, which is web-based document management system (or more of a collaboration tool) from a company called Documentum (think EMC corp) and the other is Windows Sharepoint Services 2003 from Microsoft. We would be moving stuff from from eRoom to Sharepoint.

So after the hectic week, the weekend was a welcome break. Slept for most of the day on Saturday. Brought two movies home. Paheli and James. My mother and my wify wanted to see Paheli, but I didn’t want to see it. Had heard from friends that the story didn’t make sense and is quite boring. And it turned out to be true.

Me saw James. I knew that this too wasn’t a great movie and it turned out to be true as well. Typical Hindi movie. Dishum dishum stuff. Our Hero, (Mohit Ahlawat) cleans out all the bad guys (even the deadliest ones) with just bare hands and does not even get hurt. Only once towards the end, he gets injured slightly, but even after that fights as if nothing happened!. Totally unrealistic and stupid. The heroine (Nisha Kothari) has quite a lot of oomph and nothing more. No other option. Ya. Better watch Nisha than Rani. LoL.

My wife’s US trip is still kind of getting delayed. If everything goes fine, she might have to fly this week. So, that’s all the update for now. Getting ready for another hectic and challenging week ahead.

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  1. Harsh

    Regarding James i have yet to see it but read somewhere that Ramu wants to make it again with same star cast :) obviously he is not happy with what you have complained :)

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