The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging…

According to this article, here are The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging :

1. Using Free Blog Hosting Services
2. Ignoring the Basic Principles of Good Web Site Design and Usability
3. Being the Jack Of All Trades
4. Not Posting Regularly
5. Publishing Badly Written Posts
6. Spamming and Stealing
7. Failing to Establish a Personality

The article is a good read if you are seriously into blogging!

More details at :
The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging | GreatNexus Webmaster Blog


  1. Melody

    Heya Arjun!!

    It’s been a while since I’ve been here (all the ISP problems, you know!) & it’s really good to see you’ve been bloggin a lot! And off to Chennai & back! Wo!

    About this post, I don’t think I’m committing any of the 7 bloggie sins, but then again maybe I’m just being immodest?


  2. Pinyo

    Arjun…thank you for the write up on my post, and the endorsement! This is a really good looking site you have here. I will keep you on my RSS subscription and hope to come back for more great readings.

  3. sathya

    Hi arjun,
    Hey the first sin is too harsh on kids like me :-(


  4. harsh

    I was wondering how many i am committing. then i thought first impression is the last… :)
    those who think not committing first one cost you too much, think again you can have a blog running for less than US $ 20 per year. Thats less than INR 1000/- annually…

  5. Arjun (Post author)

    Harsh : fully agree with you!.

    Domain name would be as cheap as INR 500.

  6. Harsh

    Actuslly they are as low as INR 325/- at one place, which i tested. one is even selling at 315. these are all .com/net/org/biz/ etc rates.

  7. Saurabh Garg

    I agree with the need to establish an identity point. It’s like being a talk show host, except that in this case you can’t get fired. I have been trying to establish an identity myself, and don’t think I am doing it right.

    I fail to see why using free blog hosting services (like Blogger) is bad, though.

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