Work, Work and work !

The last couple of days have been very hectic. Kind of having a very busy schedule at office. Lot of work has come in. The last week of October, and the first week of November were relatively free, since it was a vacation season kind in India, with lot of festivals etc. Now, all that work that had piled up has come in, kind of with interest! So, now it back to some serious business. But its good, and I think, one should be always busy and occupied.

Its the annual appraisal time in our company and lot of buzz about it around. The entire appraisal exercise goes for around 1.5 months to around 2 months org wide. Its a major and important activity, now that performance is the key!

In other news, my wife’s was supposed to travel to the US in the first week of November, but her trip got postponed couple of times, and now she is finally travelling on Saturday (later today) (See update below!). So all the packing etc is done. She would be reaching Houston on Sunday (afternoon). Things should go on smoother this time around.

Update: Its postponed again at the last moment. Again. :)

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  1. Kapil

    Join the gang. I just spent the last 24 hours working in office non-stop. Phew! I need this Sunday so very badly.

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