Malgudi Days Title Song

UPDATE: All the 39 episodes of Malgudi Days are available for online viewing at


The Malgudi days title song is one of the most wanted title songs of old times. I am sure lot of people are searching for Malgudi Days sound track.

Thanks to Senthil Kumar for sharing this mp3!

I have uploaded the mp3 onto the Megaupload file sharing service. You can download the MP3 from : (You will have to wait for around 45 secs before the link shows up on the window).

Its really good to listen to this title song. It brings back lot of old memories!

BTW, check this site for more info on Malgudi Days… :


  1. Nimit

    Please send me title song of sindbad jahazi, that is agar magar dole naiya,,,,, I have been searching for it for a long time… Please if u can

  2. robin

    Here is original title song of chandrakanta serial.

  3. siva

    Hai FRIENDS….anybody please tell me where to find the song “EK pavan ek hi pani Ek jyothi sansara”.

  4. parth patel

    hi !

    plz send me the link 2 dwnld malgudi days full episodes .
    send me d mail

  5. Guest

    Awesome !! Thanks !!

  6. puneet

    please send me (ek pawan ek he sansara…..)

  7. aravind

    hi friends can give link of all epsoide of malgudi days to recollect my childhood days

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