Pearly Chains

Pearly Chains

Shot this one at the shopping complex at Tirupati.

Any better title for this snap ?


  1. Sandhya

    I remember those! We’d go to Tirupathi every year when i was a kid and i’d never miss buying those strings of beads(‘poosalu’ in Telugu) and wooden kitchen set(‘lakkapidatalu’ in Telugu) for Rs 2 and Rs 5 respectively, near Akasa Ganga or Papa Vinsanam. Memories..memories :-)!

  2. Timsy

    Title Suggestion – “strands of happiness”

  3. Anjali

    you click lovely snaps…have been wanting to hone my skills too. any tips.. as a start point, am quike observant but why doesnt it convert onto a snap i wonder

  4. Aruna

    Wonderful snaps….
    N d title which i suggest is “UNITED BEADS”….How is it???

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