Firefox gets a Major boost!

Get Firefox!
Firefox, “the” best browser, is all set to become the most used browser.

Ask how ?

Google is supporting Firefox in a big way! Google AdSense has started a referal program where publishers can refer end users to download and use Firefox. And guess what? Google would pay USD 1 for every successful install of Firefox. Now, this is great news for the whole Firefox community.

Gone are the days when browsers were distributed for free. Now you get paid too! :). But fortunately in this case, you get paid for your good karma. Way to go Google!…

Just have to wait and see how Microsoft responds to this one. This one is definitely a big nail in the coffin for Internet Explorer.

AdSense has also started a referal program to refer publishers. The moment your referral makes 100$, you too get 100$ in your account.

More info on Google’s Inside AdSense Blog too.


  1. Blake Handler

    Don’t you think you’re being a wee bit dramatic? I mean “this one is definitely a big nail in the coffin for Internet Explorer.”???

    The fact is, that Internet Explorer is an intrinsic part of windows – you have NO choice but to use it for updating Windows, as well as many websites that ONLY work with Internet Explorer (company’s develop “secure” software using a particular scheme).

    You can no longer state that Firefox is simply more “secure” – ALL browsers have their security flaws. But if you like the features in Firefox, then by all means, enjoy using it. But I needn’t worry about the demise of Internet Explorer

  2. Christos

    Really, you get up to $1.00 USD based upon location for the referral:

    “When a user you’ve referred to Firefox plus Google Toolbar runs Firefox for the first time, you’ll receive up to $1 in your account, depending on the user’s location.”

    Still just as interesting though. Looks like all the people who have written such wonderful plugins are going to get a huge boost as well! Too bad Flock wasent a plugin to Firefox, they get nothing out of this — more reasons to utilize Firefox and it’s plugin arch. then forking it I suppose…

  3. Arjun (Post author)

    @Blake. Fully agree that every browser has a security flaw. But the question is, which browser fixes it first? and how fast. IE just lacks in that area. For over 5 years, IE was just in abandoned state. Only after the popularity of Firefox, IE7 team was setup.

    Corporate users are locked onto IE. Agreed. But thats because IE doesn’t follow the webstandards. And getting some one locked-on is no where close to good! The corporate folks should have the flexibility to move from one browser to other without any hassales. Thats that the web is all about!

  4. Blake Handler

    I understand that this is YOUR blog — and YOUR opinion is what matters here. . .that said I want you to understand the facts. Microsoft Internet Explorer WAS horribly slow and had security problem. During that time I too used Netscape, Opera and later Firefox. But I ALWAYS needed to run Internet Explorer for Windows Updates and many websites that only worked with IE.

    Today’s Internet Explorer is NOT the same product — and the upcoming version 7 which I’m running is even nicer (fainlly having tabbed browsing like Firefox).

    But your comment about which browser fixes security issues first? You’ll need to do some more research. . .because Firefox is NOT first in the area any more — Microsoft is (recently) not only identifies the problem first, but fixes them first in Windows & Internet Explorer.

    But my original statement stands — if you simply like Firefox better “fine” — but you don’t need to bash IE to make your decision feel better, nor can you state that you’re doing it for “security” reasons. . .that’s not the case anymore.

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