Daily Archive: November 5, 2005

Off to Chennai

Me going to Chennai tonight on official work. I am taking the West Coast express. Its a direct train from Mangalore to Chennai (Madras). Will reach Chennai at around 3 PM tomorrow. i.e., Sunday. Finish my work on Monday, and start back on Monday night itself. On the way back I would be taking the Mangalore Mail train, which leaves chennai at around 8 PM and reaches Mangalore the next day at around 1 PM. So, will be back in Mangalore on Tuesday.

While at chennai, I would be staying at The New Woodlands Hotel at Mylapore. Its kind of a very hectic trip, and I don’t think so I might get enough time to go around and see places. Lets see how it goes!

Firefox gets a Major boost!

Get Firefox!
Firefox, “the” best browser, is all set to become the most used browser.

Ask how ?

Google is supporting Firefox in a big way! Google AdSense has started a referal program where publishers can refer end users to download and use Firefox. And guess what? Google would pay USD 1 for every successful install of Firefox. Now, this is great news for the whole Firefox community.

Gone are the days when browsers were distributed for free. Now you get paid too! :). But fortunately in this case, you get paid for your good karma. Way to go Google!…

Just have to wait and see how Microsoft responds to this one. This one is definitely a big nail in the coffin for Internet Explorer.

AdSense has also started a referal program to refer publishers. The moment your referral makes 100$, you too get 100$ in your account.

More info on Google’s Inside AdSense Blog too.