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MCP bootcamps again

Like I had mentioned earlier, we are supposed to take up the MCAD certification exams. I have already cleared one of the exams (70-305 – Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET), and now its time to take up the next set of exams. So, back to bootcamps again.

Today we stared with the bootcamp for the 70-229 elective exam (Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise Edition ). The boot camp goes for two days.

The next bootcamp is for 70-310 exam (Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework ), and is planned for Monday.

So, 4 days back to back in classrooms. So, in a couple of weeks, I would be MCAD certified.

What would happen if Google vanished all of a sudden ?

Was reading some Google related forums today. Seeing the seriousness of the postings made on the various forums, I began to wonder, what would happen to the world if… Google disappeared all of a sudden from this planet, just like that… Say like in the TV series ‘The 4400‘?

Well, here are some serious as well as funny stuff that I can think of…

  • Google being the best friend of developers, developers around the world would go crazy. Searching for any information would be much more difficult. Tons of projects all around the world be be delayed.
  • Searching for images of *you know who* would be much more difficult.
  • Labor would be much cheaper in the silicon valley.
  • C|Net would be happy to note that no one is boycotting them.
  • AdSense publishers around the world would go into deep shock/depression.
  • No more G.A.S.S
  • Advertising world would go for a spin. But, we would soon have MSNSense!
  • There would be less of Spam blogs. No AdSense would mean No mesothelioma, No
    asbestos cancer and No Lawyers/attorneys.
  • Windows Vista would take few more years to arrive (off course, with WinFS).
  • Yahoo mail would be back to 6 MB, and hotmail back to 2 MB.
  • People around Steve Ballmer cabin at Microsoft wont have to wear protective helmets (to prevent the chairs from hitting them). :D

Ofcourse, the world would move on!

256 kbps broadband access!

My Airtel broadband speed has been upgraded from 128 kbps to 256 kbps by Airtel.

I noticed today that my downloads were way too fast!. Could see transfers up to 300 kbps!. First i thought it was some error, but later, I searched the Airtel website and and confirmed it from Vinu Thomas broadband forums.

So, the new deal is as follows :

  • 256kbps access
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Rs. 999 monthly + service tax
  • Includes telephone rental + modem rental
  • No free calls on the land line (no issues for me!)

You can find the details here (select home combo). Confirmed the same from customer care too.

Too good to be true. I guess this was possible only because of BSNL’s Dataone broadband service. A direct answer to BSNL. Good for us.

Party at Pegasus, Mangalore

Apart from the normal project party, at Infosys, we also have a quarterly unit party. i.e, folks from the entire unit would present. We had this quarters party yesterday at ‘Pegasus’. We started at around 5.30 PM from office. Pegasus has a section with a disco floor. We had booked that place for the party. Initially the crowd was bit less, but as usual, quite a lot of people turned out as time passed by.

Started with fresher introduction. i.e, people who joined our unit in the last quarter. It was kind of ragging and fun :). Then there were the normal games, and then finally the floor was open to dance!.

One thing good was, the music!.. The DJ did a pretty decent job this time around. He did a good mix. The food was also decent. All of us had a great time.

Well, this was kind of my first official party. I had attended Unit parties before, but as a spouse! Got to attend one more party this Sunday, this time its for people who volunteered for the mInfy10 event.

Customer Care Numbers

I find that lot of people search for customer care numbers of various Indian banks and services. So, here is a small list. Hope this would be useful for all. Will try to keep this updated. If you find that any of these numbers don’t work, or have a alternate number, please leave a comment.

  • ICICI Bank Customer Care Number
    • Bangalore – 4113 1877
    • Karnataka – 98455 78000
    • For other cities, click here. Phone Banking workflow click here.
  • Citibank Customer Care Number
    • All Citibank customers – Bangalore – 2227 2484. For other cities, click here
    • Citibank Suvidha account holders – Bangalore – 2227 2265. For other cities, click here
    • CitiBusiness Customers – Bangalore – 2229 4653. For other cities, click here
    • Citibank Credit Card – Bangalore – 2227 2484. For other cities, click here
    • Priority service to CitiGold Customers, Diners Club Members & Citibank Gold Card members – Bangalore – 2229- 4653. For other cities, click here
  • HSBC Customer Care Number
    • Banking related – Bangalore – 2558 9595
    • Credit card related – Bangalore – 2558 9696
    • For other cities, click here
  • HDFC Customer Care Number
    • Debit card related – 9945863333
    • Banking related – Bangalore – 6600 3333. For other cities, click here
    • Credit card related – Bangalore – 6622 4332. For other cities, click here
  • ABN AMRO Customer Care number
    • Bangalore – 4124 5555
  • SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number
    • Karnataka – Bangalore – 98441 05454 (people are reporting that this number does not work. If you know a number that works, please let me know!)
    • All India Toll Free – 1600 180 1290 (works only on BSNL and MTNL Line)
    • Try : 1800 180 1290 too. May work!!!
    • Other lines : 39 02 02 02
  • Axis Bank Customer Care number (earlier known as UTI Bank)
    • Bangalore (M G Road) – 2537 0615
    • Bangalore – 2531 7830
    • Mumbai – 022 5598 7700
    • For other cities, click here
  • IDBI Bank Customer Care Number (Phone Banking)
    • Karnataka – Bangalore – 080 22297000
    • Mumbai – 022 66937000
    • Delhi – 011 23627000
    • Chennai – 044 28295550
    • For other cities, click here
  • Manhattan Credit Card Customer Care Number
    • Bangalore – 3030 1969. (this number seems to work in Mumbai too! Give it a try in your local city!)
  • Standard Chartered Credit Card Customer Care Number
    • Bangalore – 3940 4444 & 66014444 (updated). For other cities, click here
  • Deutsche Bank Customer Care Number
    • 6601 6601 (this number is available in Aurangabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolhapur, Kolkata and Mumbai. If dialing from Gurgaon / Noida please prefix 9511 before dialing.)
  • Airtel Customer Care
    • Dail 121 from your airtel mobile
    • Karnataka – 98450 98450 – For prepaid if you are calling from landline
    • Karnataka – 98450 12345 – For postpaid if you are calling from landline
  • Hutch Customer Care
    • Karnataka – Dial 111 from your Hutch phone or dial 98860 98860
  • BSNL Mobile Customer Care (Cellone & Excel)
    • All India  – 94000 24365
  • Reliance Mobile Customer Care
    • 1 800 3000 7773 – Toll Free
    • Call 3033 3333 Or dial *333 from your Reliance Mobile
    • For other numbers, click here.
  • Reliance Broadband Customer Care
    • 1 800 3000 7773 – Toll Free
    • Call 022 – 3033 7777 Or dial *377 on your Reliance phone
  • SpiceJet Customer Care
    • From BSNL/MTNL : 1800 180 3333
    • Others (GSM/CDMA): +91 98718 03333
  • LIC Policy Details (Life Insurance Corporation)
    • Call – 1251 or
    • New Delhi – 011-23762681
    • Chandigarh – 0172-2678107
    • Indore – 0731-2528213
    • Jaipur – 0141-2741299
    • Kolkata – 033-23346688
    • Guwahati – 0361-2600564
    • Hyderabad – 040-23437997
    • Bangalore – 080-26659230
    • Mumbai – 022-26137545
    • Pune – 020-25514248
    • Ahmedabad -079-25502150
    • Chennai – 044-25300030
    • Jamshedpur – 0657-2320600
    • Ernakulam – 0484-2383883
    • Lucknow – 0522-2627470
    • Vijaywada – 0866-2484803
    • Vizag – 0891-2523473
    • Kanpur – 0512-2307443
    • Agra – 0562-2527755
    • Jalandhar – 0181-2480918
  • Yahoo! India Customer Care
    • I am not sure if these numbers work, but give it a try & leave a comment!
    • Bangalore : (080) 39805078
    • Chennai : (044) 39119494
    • Yahoo! US “Customer Service”: 1-866-562-7219 (for
    • Yahoo! Small Business/Store: 1-866-800-8092
    • Other US Yahoo! numbers to try
      • +1 866-850-4303
      • +1 866-562-7228
      • +1 408-349-1572
      • +1 408-349-3300
      • +1 408-329-5151
      • +1 800-318-0631
  • If you feel some service is missing and would be useful to list, drop a comment.

Last Updated: 04-Jan-2010

Please note:
If you find the above information useful and would like to display the above information on your website/blog, I would appreciate a link back to this page with appropriate credit. Please give credit where credit is due, specially if you decide to copy/paste the contents!

Bangalore looks great on Google Earth!

Yesterday Google quitely updated Google Earth’s image resolution of quite a lot of cities. This update also included Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Cool.

Seeing the images, it looks like these were taken around a year back!

Here is a mini-bangalore sightseeing using Google Earth! (You must have installed Google Earth on your machine to view these files)

I could also see the Infosys Campus in Electronics city!

You can download the full tour of places listed above here.

The same is the case with Mumbai. Now the Gateway of India is pretty clear. Mumbai looks great. Don’t miss the Marine drive area!


Google Results – A new variation

I was searching for information on the movie ‘The Island’, and i keyed in the terms in google, and the results were a bit unusual. Well, I am not sure if this is old one, but I am noticing this for the first time… Check out the screen shot :

Click on the above image to see the full screen shot

Right in between the search results, there is a section which reads …
‘See results for: The island movie’

Has anyone else seen this sort of results?

BSNL GPRS on Prepaid – How ?

Update – Oct 25, 2005: Finally my GPRS is working on BSNL Prepaid. Check update number 4 given below.

Does anyone knows how to activate the BSNL’s GPRS service for prepaid connections in Mangalore, Karnataka (south) ? Please leave a comment if you can help.

Here is what I have done so far (I use a Nokia 6600):

1. Sent a SMS to 3733 with the text ‘ACTGPRS’.
2. Received a SMS within a few minutes saying my request is received, and the message asked to wait for a confirmation SMS.
3. Confirmation SMS from +444 received tell me that GPRS and MMS service has been activated.
4. I called up the customer care for the configuration settings. They SMS’ed me the settings. (You can get the settings from : This Place too. Its available on the BSNL site too.)
5. Installed the settings. Its as simple as saving the SMS.
6. Tried to connect to the net using opera/netfront/services (built in browser), using the access point created by the configration settings.
7. It tries to connect, but so far no success. The GPRS signal indicator (the little “G”) blinks for sometime and then disappears. No specific error message.
9. Sent a SMS again to 3733 with the text ‘ACTGPRS’, to which I got a reply back saying, ‘GPRS and MMS services are already enabled’.

Has anyone successfully set this thing up ?

I have called the customer care, spoken to them ‘n’ number of times, but its of no use. Typical government stuff.

Any pointers to success would be really helpful.

Update 1 (Around Sept 19th, 2005) : BSNL customer care folks told me that the GPRS service is down for a few days and should be back online withing couple of days.

Update 2 (Sep 26th, 2005) : Called up local customer care center at Mangalore. The person says that Nokia 6600 handset has some problem with BSNL GPRS network! – Can anyone confirm this ? Cant directly trust these folks. Everytime you call them, they give you some new reason. If I get a chance, i will check it with an different handset. BTW, the solution suggested by the BSNL local guy is to upgrade software (firmware to the latest version – costs around Rs. 500).

Update 3 (Oct First week) : Spoke to one more person at the local exchange. Could reach that person after getting redirected atleast 5 times. Almost always, the person at the enter end, conviniently gives one more number saying that the next person is ‘the’ person who can handle this!. Finally, I end up talking to a technical guy (I think!). Now, this person doesn’t say anything about Nokia 6600 problem. He says even he wasn’t able to access GPRS for a couple of days. Asks me to call in a couple of days. I call back after couple of days. He says some settings have been changed just a few days back, and he doesn’t have the settings. Asks me to call back after 20 mins. I call back. Says, settings are too lengthy. Says, he cant tell the settings over the phone (WTF???). Points me the BSNL webpage mentioned above to download the settings. I downloaded the settings again. No change. Still no GPRS. Anyone from BSNL with a decent knowledge of whats happening … reading this ?

Update 4 (Oct 25, 2005) : Finally got my GPRS activiated today. The endless calls to the customer care turned out to be a total waste. Yesterday, I called up the local customer service center in mangalore. They refered me a the number of JTO of mangalore. JTO inturn gave me one more number. It was kind of endless chain. Finally I landed up with some technical person. The person confirmed that all my settings were fine. Then he checked the system (HLR) and told me that my GPRS wasn’t activated at all!. WTF!!!!!!!. He told me that at Mangalore, he wont be able to activate it, and he gave me the contact number of a person in bangalore. The person at bangalore told me that I need to call him up again today. It seems this is happening all the time and that he is fed up. Some how, the reporting system says that the GPRS is activated, but in reality (switch) it isn’t.!

So, I gave the same person a call today. And finally, he enabled my GPRS access. Now, I am able to browse on my phone. But its quite expensive. Only in emergency!

Update 5: For the benefit of all everyone, here are the correct GPRS Settings for BSNL south users for Nokia 6600. These settings work for me.

Navigate to : Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection

Select GPRS (Second item on the screen)
GRPS Connection -> When needed (if you select when available, GPRS will be always active, and you would be charged. So, use with caution)
Access Point ->

Click on ->Back

Select Access Points (first item on the screen)
Option -> New Access Point -> Use default settings
Connection name -> bsnl-gprs (can be anything)
Data Bearer -> GPRS
Access point name -> bsnlwap (not bsnlsouth)
User name : ppp
Password : ppp123
Authentication : Normal
Homepage : http://localhost/home.wml

Options ->Advance settings
Phone IP address -> Automatic
Primary name server :
Secondary name server :
Proxy server address :
Proxy Port Number : 9401


If you want to browse the net using Opera, then you must set the proxy server address and proxy port number mentioned above in opera settings too. The same holds true for other browser too.

If the above settings don’t work, then clearly, your GPRS is NOT activated by BSNL. Call up the local BSNL exchange, and ask them to check if GPRS is activated in the HLR.

Humor: Trainee at a MNC…

A man joined a big Multi National Company as a trainee.

On his first day, he dialed the kitchen and shouted into the phone:
“Bring me a cup of coffee, quickly!”

The voice from the other side responded:
“You fool; you’ve dialed the wrong extension! Do you know who you’re talking to?”

“No” replied the trainee.

“It’s the Managing Director of the company, you idiot!”

The trainee shouted back: “And do you know who YOU are talking to, you IDIOT?”

“No!” replied the Managing Director angrily.

“Thank God!” replied the trainee and put down the phone.

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