Design of New Infy Campus at Mangalore – Mail Forward

Update (Nov 11, 2005): Check out the Real Design of the Proposed Infy Campus at Mangalore.

I work for Infosys, mangalore and this mail recently bumped into my mail box about the design of new Infosys campus in mangalore, with some really cool snapshots of the desgin.


All i can say is, the above pics are kind of fake and the mail is a pure HOAX. The snaps have nothing to do with Infosys or Infy Mangalore campus! :)

I am not sure who send out that mail, but that mail is making round all around the net !. Lot of people are googling for information on this, and they end up on my blog ! :).

Thats why this post!

Ok. So, for the real one : Check this link : This something that is proposed in UAE!

Also, check this previous post of mine!


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