Hungry? eat iPod

This one is too tempting!

If you are hungry, and you are crazy about iPod, then you MUST see this one : iPod Shuffle as food contest results

My favorites are : #2, #7 (looks yummy!), #14, #15, & #17

Well, iPod is definitely on my wishlist. Just waiting to get a chance to buy one. I would love to buy a 60GB iPod photo. It would be of real use since i take lot of snaps on my rebel, and would be a great means to show the photos to people around.

Here in India, the prices are way to high, due to some custom duty stuff. A iPod shuffle from Apple store in bangalore would cost around 8k INR (512 MB). The same one sells in the US for USD 99 ( ie, around 4.4K INR; 1 USD = 44 INR). So, its almost the double! The 1 GB version of iPod costs around 12k INR. The iPod photo costs around 30k INR i guess, which is way too high. If i buy it in US, it would cost me around 20k INR. So the wait……..


  1. Krishna

    You should try and get someone to buy it for you from the US!

  2. Arjun (Post author)

    yup!. Thats already on my radar ! :)

  3. cory

    Hi if they cost so much is there an alternative to getting them what if i purhase and dend to you from usa will it be cheaper
    ? what are freight costs to india from usa ?

  4. Arjun (Post author)

    @Cory : I managed to get a nano from US through a friend of mine. Shipping charges are quite high. Not worth. Its ealier and safer to get it via someone in person

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