ICICI Bank – A bad experience for many

I had only verbally heard about the bad experiences people are having with ICICI Bank, but this just proves it!

Came across this page (do read it! – opens in a new window) via madman’s page.

I have a account with ICICI bank because its our salary account, and we are kind of forced to use ICICI Bank. And since we have a salary account, we get a decent service. But yes, the credit card department, and the call centre sucks big time. That’s my personal experience.

They put you on hold for 5 to 10 mins. (just imagine listening to the same junk music/tone/adverts continuously), and then there is no guarantee that you will get to speak to someone or your problem would be solved. Infact, today I was put on hold for around 7 mins, and after that the call as abruptly disconnected!. Next time I call the call center, I get to speak to a totally new person, and start from scrap describing the problem. The people at the call center just promise to do things, and nothing actually happens. If it happens, then you are really your luck.

Hope K V Kamath reads this!.

My advice to all – Avoid ICICI as far as possible. Many people predict that the bank would collapse in a few years from now. Have a account with any nationalized bank.

Personally, I have an account with SBI and keep a minimum amount in ICICI.


  1. ICICI Bank Care

    Hi Biswajit,

    We are sorry to know how you feel about ICICI Bank. Email us at care@icicibank.com with your contact details and we’ll get in touch with you in order to address your concerns. Kindly refer “501920” in the subject line.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

  2. ICICI Bank Care

    Dear Rajiv,

    We regret the inconvenience caused. We’ll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

  3. Rangoli

    I too am a victim of ICICI and its services, facing a terrible experience with ICICI currently. This ICICI account was the salary account for my first job so there was no question of choosing a bank. I suffered due to their bad services and was hoping to get another bank account as salary account in my second job. But unfortunately even in the second job I got ICICI as the salary account. This time my problem is that my internet banking password got locked and am struggling from past 2 weeks to get it. Calling their customer care on a daily basis, talking to their phone banking officers numerous times and describing the same problem again and again. One of the worst customer care services I can definitely say. Even after entering my details correctly again and again on their IVR, the reply is “invalid inputs”. I don’t know what they want. I am fully frustrated with their service and have already lost all hopes of getting my password back. All my monthly bill payments are suffering because of this. I don’t have any other internet banking account for a backup.

    And moreover, this is not the first time I am facing trouble with this bank. Perhaps, things go okay with ICICI until everything is working smooth and fine. Once there is some problem and you need to call their customer care, you can never be sure of getting your problem resolved. And in the process of trying to get it resolved, you end up getting so much irritated and frustrated, which is not at all worth the solution (in case you get one). My advice to all – A big NO to ICICI and their services. God save us.

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  5. Hasan Junaid

    I too had very bad experience with this bank recently with the debit card /at ATM transaction for 10,000 RS they refuse to pay which was not deliverd by the ATM machine at Hyderabd Midhany location. I dont know how to get my money.

  6. Ripul

    Icici bank SUCKS!!!! …I am in hell, why are they offering services that dont work. + they dont even have a toll free number. Such a sucker of a bank!!

  7. Shilpa

    Stupid bank.Charges for DD service and doesn’t deliveres as per the time period staeted.Waiste of money and time to deal for DD. Also, a bad customer service response for DD, Miss guide to customer by supervisors.

  8. Sandeep


    I have ICICI bank account. When I login into it. I have been asked for OTP password. However, I am not getting the OTP at all.

    I checked my email id, mobile. I am not getting the SMS anywhere. I am not sure what is the problem with ICICI and thinking to close my account in ICICI.

    Whenever, I tried to call it takes a lot of time to connect, which is a waste of time and money. So I believe it would be better to get rid of the bank itself.

  9. Abhi

    We had taken loan for machinery equipment at our factory from icici as this was our first transaction it got cleared instantly. Previously we never had done transaction with this bank but due to certain needs we were not able to credit from our local bank as machinery cost was to high. We purchased machine and started our production and took full precaution to avoid any emi clashes or dealys. We completed our emi before half time that is we had tenture of 48 installments but completed within 20 months. we use to pay thrice or four times the amount of emi as we knew bad reputation of icici.To our suprise we recived letter from company that we had not paid any emi from 20 months !!!!. In shock we started visiting branch office daily loosing my buisness. after a week we came to know that they had shifted our account number or something so we were paying our emi on wrong account number.

    Now real icici experience started first hey said pay 20 installments to get settlement .we refused to pay and said its your fault we won’t pay ay penny .then they said pay some processing fee we stil refused. then they asked for giving at least 3 installment ot show some tansaction on that old account to start an process we stil resisted. then recovery agen said we wi pik ou rmachine we said go further as we had aleady recovred machne amount in 18 months and bring 9-12 ton crane to pick it. and pay from your poket .
    seeing our resistance they had to do our setlement.it took 16 months for hi sbu twe dd’t paid any peny more than installments

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