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WordPress Website’s Search Engine Spam

[Update : Response from Matt]

hmm… a major Exposé on !

Yes, we do understand that one needs money to run a site like wordpress. But, i strongly feel that the means by which you make the money should be ethical, specially if its a opensource project like wordpress. Spaming the search engine(s) is *NOT* ethical by any means.

Read the entire story here : Daily Log: WordPress Website’s Search Engine Spam

This is one more example of how easily the search engines and the contextual advertising programs can be fooled.

Nokia 6600 Internet over bluetooth – How to

Finally after lot of R&D, yesterday i could finally browse the net over my 6600 using my PC’s internet connection over bluetooth !

Two things are possible.
1. You use the GPRS of your Mobile phone and browse on your PC.
2. You use the DSL (or other high speed connection) of your PC to browse on your Mobile phone.

#1 is pretty simple, and is very easy to setup on Nokia 6600. But #2 is not that simple. After reading lot of forums, i found that Nokia has on purpose blocked this feature in 6600.

If you have already done a search on this topic, you would have definitely come across this page. But the instructions there are quite cryptic, and not very clear. So, i did lot of search on various forums, and finally got it right. What i have done is, i have basically documented the steps that i followed to make it work. Do give it a try!. It might work for you as well. If it works (or doesn’t) do comment here!

First lets set up the PC. Things to do on PC :

  1. Deactivate all the Checkboxes in mRouter (at least the ones of the Bluetooth COM ports)
  2. Goto Bluetooth settings and Deactivate everything else in Local services than Bluetooth serial port, note the com port you set as bluetooth serial port
  3. Goto Phone and Modem options, go to “Modems” add a new one, activate “I will select it from a list”
  4. Choose “Communications cable between 2 Computers” from the list (in Standard Modem Types)
  5. Select the COM port from step3
  6. In the modem settings set maximum port speed to 115200
  7. Goto Network Connections and create a new connection (wizard)
  8. Select Set up an advanced connection -> Next
  9. Accept incoming connections -> Next
  10. Check the Communications cable between two computers -> Next
  11. Do not allow VPN connections ->
  12. select a username you want to give access to your pc over Bluetooth (that’s the username you will set on the phone later) -> Next
  13. Select Internet Protocol -> Properties, select “TCI/IP address assignment” and set the IP range to something like
  14. Remove Internet Connection Sharing from all interfaces
  15. run cmd.exe and enter the following commands:

    netsh routing ip nat install
    netsh routing ip nat add interface "YOUR LAN INTERFACE NAME" full
    netsh routing ip nat add interface Internal private

    YOUR LAN INTERFACE NAME has to be replaced with the name of the interface connected to the internet
  16. if there is a “Bluetooth Network” connection in Network Connections delete it
  17. In network connections choose the incoming connection just created, and open its properties.
  18. Click on the users tab, check the last checkbox which says “Always allow directly connected devices to such as palmtop computers to connect without using a password” (this step helped me!)

So, that’s the setup on the PC. Next we need to configure the 6600

  1. Download gnubox6600.SIS and install it on your phone. Search Google for GnuBox
  2. Create a new Access Point on the phone (Setting|Connection|Access points|New access point|Use default settings).
  3. Use the following settings for it:
    • Name: Bt (This name is important, the gnubox software will look for it, since its hard-coded in the code)
    • Data Bearer: High speed (GSM)
    • Dial-up number: e.g. 2222. It doesn’t matter what you have here as long as it’s not empty
    • Username: the username you gave access to the incoming connection earlier
    • Prompt password: No
    • Password: Password for the user on Windows
    • Authentication: Normal
    • Advanced Settings: Use Login Script Yes
    • Advanced Settings: Login Script

      CHARMAP [windows-1252]
      LOOP 10
      SEND “CLIENT”+<0x0d>
      WAIT 3
      “SERVER” OK
      EXIT KErrNoAnswer$
      Be careful that you get it exactly as show here, including line breaks. You could save it to a file, send to the phone and copy-paste to the settings.
    • Advanced Settings: Use PPP Compression Yes
  4. Run the program you installed at step1 (gnubox)
  5. Inside gnubox: Options-> 2box Direct -> Bluetooth, select your computer, leave gnubox running in background
  6. Run the nokia wml browser select “Bt” as access point and connect.
  7. You can also use any other internet app like Agile messenger, real player, opera, profimail etc

I was able to connect, and view my website and could read this blog too. I was also able to receive and send out mail using profimail, and the built-in mail client.

I hope this posting helps all the Nokia 6600 owners, specially in India!

Update (Sep-16-2005) : Check this page and this page for more info on GnuBox for nokia 6600

Weekend fun at office, friends

Last Saturday was fun @ office. We had the ittesbin celebration. The stalls went live at 2.30PM, and turnout was too good. I never expected such a big turn out. Then at around 5.45 PM, the stage show / variety entertainment program began. Each of the groups had 20 mins to present their show. It was fun. Our team did pretty well. Never expected it :). Overall, our group performed pretty bad, and we were at No. 5 (of 6 :D).. Anyway.. its history now!..

Sunday, woke up late.. and at around 1 PM got a call for one of my friend called Manohar Rao… he had come down to Mangalore, and we decided to meet. Nishant too came down to our house, and we had a nice chat after a long time. At around 3.00 PM, we went out for a drive…. Went to the chefs fast food, had a chicken kabab burger… and finally came back at around 5.30 in the evening…………….:)

For the last couple of days, I have re-started to do some R&D with my Nokia 6600. Put some new apps and ringtones. Next on the list is the firmware upgrade. But the only problem is, I cant do the upgrade at home :(. Need to take it to nokia care. I am not sure how much they will charge.

Other things that caught my attention: Yahoo has decided to increase the storage space to 1 GB… :) India lost of pak in the test match. :(……………. One more earth quake in the Indian ocean.. but no Tsunami this time around.

Why mangalore development center rocks!

Its a couple of days since I wrote here. :( kind of very hectic.

Normally, I sleep late and get up late, with time just enough to get ready and go to office. But for the past couple of days, this cycle has gone for a toss. I sleep late, and I am forced to get up early for some or the other reason.

My uncle’s close friend has bought a laptop, and he wanted me to have a look, and kind of set-it-up. So, he turned up yesterday at 7.15 AM, with the laptop. It was Acer travel-mate 4000 series. Its has 256 MB ram, dvd/cd-rw combo drive, a 15.4″ wide screen… Bluetooth, wi-fi and all other standard features. It was pretty heavy, but manageable. The laptop was with me for a day. I could not do much with it in the morning since I had to rush to the office. Came home at around 9 PM and then did all the set up etc.. antivirus, cd burning software, configured Bluetooth etc.. and could sleep only at around 1 AM. The person came back today morning to collect the laptop back. (=>again early wakeup)

Talking about laptops, the best laptop I have come across is the Apple Power Book G4. Its really cool. Has got host of features with great looks and is quite expensive too! The next best laptop I have come across is the dell inspiron series. sleek and light weight and is on the higher end of the price band.

In office too, life is very hectic for the past couple of days. I am kind of involved in hell lot of things. We have a fest going on in the office called Ittesbin. Ittesbin is very unique to Mangalore development center (DC). The entire office has been split-up into different groups, and there would be lot of events/competitions between the groups. Today was the day for the groups to campaign. So, half of the time, was busy with it.

Having such events helps you to get in touch with lot of people and develop a good network. Its lot of fun to… Specially in Mangalore, we have events all round the year, and the Mangalore DC is known as the “happening” DC ! :) Every event has its own flavor. We have a event called Synergy which is got to do with sports.. And, for every event, the groups that are formed are different. For some events, it would be based on the work area, and for some, it would be based on the Unit that you work for, or it would be totally randomized! So, you get to know lot of people.

And thats why our Mangalore DC rocks!

Its “the” Campus

I am back @ Mangalore after a one day hectic trip to Mysore. Clearly, one single day was not at all sufficient. We started Sunday afternoon at around 2.30 PM. The roads were pretty decent. Infact, the road from Hassan to Mysore is currently being worked upon. For the first 1.5 hrs, the road from Hassan to Mysore is really excellent. Its like an express way. Just too good. After that, for around 20 kms, work is in progress, and the rest 30 kms or so, its still the old “hopeless” road.

We stopped by at a place called K R Nagar near mysore for dinner. We reached mysore at around 10.00 PM at night. At around 10.30 PM, we went out for a night campus tour. One of the key persons from the mysore facility, who is a good friend of my colleague took us around the campus. Showed us some unseen-‘behind the scene’ stuff. etc. Finally, came back slept at the in-campus guest house at 12.30 AM.

Monday was the day.! We started the campus tour at around 9 AM, and it went-on.. building after building, seeing what’s good and what’s not.. Basically dos and don’t kind of stuff. The mysore campus is really vast. Its around 315+ acres. Its kind of a mini city, with 4000+ people living within!.

For a normal employee, a S/W engineer, its just the workplace, the cubicles, the pantries, the conf rooms, meeting rooms and the rest rooms that come into mind. But thats not all. When you are running a mini-city, one needs to take care of hell lot of stuff. Basically, the backend of any campus. The behind the scene stuff. Generators, which generate enough power. UPS to support thousands of PC’s and Servers, Diesel storage for the generators, Server rooms, switch rooms, sewage treatment plant, water harvesting facility, recreation facility – and the backend of it, pumping stations, parking facilities, hostel facilities, saloon, shopping, food courts, Air conditioning…chillers.. and what not!…….. For many of us, lot of these things were totally new, which we had never thought about.

Now that we have seen all that’s there, and know the +ve and -ves of each of the facility, it would definitely help us when we come up with the new campus. We are looking at those small things which make a major difference! The normal things would anyway be there by default.

The mysore campus is really stunning and beautiful. I was kind of the official photographer, or atleast I looked like one (courtesy : my digital rebel and the big bag around my neck). So I managed to click quite a lot of snaps.

Check this plant that was planted by our prime-minister :
Planted by our Prime Minister

The next one was shot at the employee care center (recreation, shopping area, etc):
Colored Bricks

Finally, this flower shot was taken at the global education center, which is our corporate university and can train around 4500 trainees at a time.

We went around the campus till around 5 PM in the evening exploring almost each and every part of it. All of us were really exhausted, and we had to rush back home!. After seeing it all, we started back to Mangalore at around 5.15 PM in the evening. The trip back was again pretty good. No issues as such. We stopped for dinner at Sakaleshpur at around 9 PM, and reached Mangalore at around 12.30 AM!……

Then followed the sleep……..grr………

Tuesday 8.10 AM : Wife wakes me up………and me back to work!

Mysore Trip

Our company is coming up with a new facility at Mangalore. So, a team of people (including me) are going to the Mysore facility and see what’s good and what’s bad out there, and then make recommendations accordingly. Its a one day trip. We will start in a short while from now, and we should be back in Mangalore by Monday mid-night.

Our Mysore facility is one of the largest facility. Its basically our training center. Its one of the biggest corporate universities in the world. The facility can accommodate around 4500 trainees at a time (with in-house stay) ! Has a world class cricket pitch, a foot ball ground, acco for all the 4.5 k people, a supermarket, a Cineplex, gym, helipad, saloon, swimming pool, a huge library.. ………….. the list goes on… The facility was recently inaugurated by our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

The idea is to have a better facility at Mangalore :) !

Filing tax returns online in US

Since my wife was in the US for a few days last year, she has to file the US tax returns. Its kind of mandatory. Even if you have earned for a day in US, you are supposed to file a return. And the good thing is, you can file it online, using e-file. There are lot of sites which offer this facility of e-filing, but they charge you some $$ for this facility. But, if you go via the IRS site, you can file your federal return or the state-return or both for free. We chose via IRS site.

Well, the stuff is pretty simple. Its kind of a wizard. The site asks you a set of questions and you need to answer it. Enter all the details. It would take around 45 mins to 1 hour to enter all the details. Once done, you can submit you returns to IRS.

We did the filing, and when we submitted it, IRS rejected it saying that some info (EIC – earned income credit) was wrong!.. We corrected the data entered and resubmitted it. Right now, its waiting @ IRS for acceptance.

What I liked about the system is, its totally paper less. You even enter the details of W2 onto the system. No paper. And, the response too (accepted or rejected) is pretty fast. And if you have a US bank account, the refunds (if any) would be trasfered to directly to your account via EFT!. A check refund would take an additional week to be mailed. Normally, refunds would be isssued within 10 to 15 working days compared to months or years (some cases) in India !

In India, filing a return is still more or less paper based. Yes, even India has introduced electronic tax filing and the Tax Information Network (TIN), but its not yet fully mature. I guess, it will take couple of more years to work as it should!

Update : Our returns has been accepted @ federal.

How to increase hotmail from 2MB to 250MB

Updated 3: Check this update : Upgrade your hotmail account to 2GB!

Update 2: The method given below still works! :) enjoy.

Update 1: Some folks have reported that this method no longer works. But do give it a try. Please report if you were successful by entering your comments below!

Well, if you are still using hotmail, and your mailbox size is still 2MB and you want to make it bigger, then you have come to the right place!. Actually, seeing the logs, i found that many people came to my site search for this info. So, here it is!. I have personally done this on both my hotmail accounts (so that more spam mails can be stored ;) ) a couple of months back, and it works perfectly fine. But as mentioned below, its recommended to back up your mails before you try this procedure. Try at your own risk! :)

Source: Net, Mailing lists etc..

Advice: Although this method doesn’t involve any loss of emails or contacts, its recommended to back them up before you do this process. You could setup your hotmail account in Outlook Express or any other email client.


  • Login ur hotmail account and go to options.
  • Go to “Personal”
  • Click “My Profile”
  • Change Country to “United States”
  • Wait for browser to load United States settings.
  • Change the state to any American States. For example “Florida” and zip code “33332”
  • Click “update”
  • Click “Continue”
  • Go to “Language” and make sure its “English”
  • Paste this link in the same browser.
  • Wait until the Screen says you’re Hotmail is Closed and ready to be deleted.
  • Click “Close Account”.
  • Go back to login page and re-login to ur hotmail account..!!
  • Your account size will now increase to 25 MB, which a month later becomes 250 mb.

Good Luck..!!