Monthly Archive: February 2005

Got buried in sand!

Got Buried. Not me!, but our car!. :)

This weekend was a quite weekend. No travel, no functions. Was @ home most of the time. Spent some time with Prathamesh who had come down to Mangalore on Saturday.

Sunday evening we went to the beach @ Tannirbavi. Surprisingly, there were not many people at the beach. May be because, there were many functions that day in the city or somehow people just did not want to come to the beach !……… clicked some snaps………

Its was kind of nice to spend a evening on not-so-crowded beach…, and when it was time to return, our car got stuck in the sand. Kind of buried. Luckily, there were some “good” people who helped us… put some stones next to the tiers to get the grip and we could manage to move along with really dirty hands!

Tax and more tax

We had a session on tax planning today @ our office. One of the renowned charted accounts of mangalore had come down to take this session. The room was house full. The session gave us some info on what are the different aspects of the income tax.

Learnt a very weird fact about the income tax in India. The income tax act or the bill is valid for only 1 year, and its presented every year in the parliament since its inception!. If its not presented, then the government has to come out with some notification about it. Else, the income tax is not levied for that year!. But that has never happened. But I guess its wired.

But the situation is very bad. The employed class account to around 85% of the tax payees!…. That’s a very disproportionate figure. And the worst part is, not more then 5% of the population pays tax. So, just imagine the situation. Not fair. And, if one is employed, then there is just no easy means to evade the tax net. Or in other way, if you are employed, then now way to avoid tax. You can save some tax say, around 20K, but, then you will have to invest heavily! around 150K!!………..appx 7.5 times for long periods! But, on the other hand, if you are into business, there are quite a lot of loopholes… or, its very difficult for the income tax dept to actually track things.

I really don’t mind paying taxes, provided they are used for the right purpose and in the right manner. Right now, I guess, only 1% of the tax that I pay actually goes for the right purpose.

One more fact that I learnt from today’s session is, under some section of the income tax act (80g or something), donations to political parties is fully exempted from tax !!.. Wow!…… that’s great. Hehehe. God save us.

MP3 Player – Cassette – Mobiblue DAH-220

The market is flooded with tons of flash – based mp3 players from apple’s iPod to creative Zen to the chinese/taiwan made mp3 players. But Mobiblue DAH-220 is just not the normal one. It does everything a normal MP3 player does + you can use this in you normal cassette players!

You can use it in your cassete walkmans, home audio systems, or in your car ! This sort of brings life back to your old systems…

Check out the detailed review here

I already have a mp3 system on my car. Its sounds great, but now, it sucks big time !! Why ? Bcoz, i need to burn songs on a CD, and only then i can listen to them, and i am kind of lazy to do this burning bussiness. :( I would like to see a car audio player which has a CF/SD/USB slot!!! No more CD burning crap. Just insert the card, and rock!

Patents – Is for loop next on the line ?

This is really weird. Microsoft has filled a patent for the IsNot operator in and other BASIC like languages.

This is really heights. I wont be surprised if the patents are actually granted. Again proves the “best” practices followed my micro$oft.

Check out the article on /.

What’s up on the patent list next ?

  • CLR ? -> and ask for royalty on using JVM ? lol :)
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • If statements
  • do-while
  • switch statement
  • try-catch-finally block ->again has huge potential from the java community :)
  • 0 and 1’s

More info here

Adsense, Blogs, money and the people !

If you are in the world of blogging, you might have definitely heard about AdSense or you might already signed for it.

The Ads that you see on AdSense are contextual ads. i.e., based on the contents of your webpage, appropriate Ads are displayed. Also, the amount is money that you earn from this Ads also depends on variety of factors! But the key factor is, how much the advertiser is willing to pay (you get a part of this amount, which is decided by google). And, that is done using an auction mechanism that google has mastered.

Being curious, I did some search, and came across a variety of pages on AdSense and making money out of it. Some how, almost all the pages say that the top paying keywords are related to lawyers, asbestos, attorneys debt report, money mesothelioma etc. i.e., these keywords get the highest bidding @ the auction! No wonder :)

That’s when I came across this article on Search Engine Journal. Is it soo easy to fool the system! :) Seems like :)

A short and sweet explanation on AdSense can be found here
Check out these cool set of posts by Darren for inputs on how to improve you earnings using AdSense!

More trouble for Paris Hilton

She seems to be getting into more trouble. This is one disadvantage of being famous!

Check out this story from theregister

Paris Hilton’s address book, famously kept on a T-Mobile Sidekick, has been popping up all over the internet after someone managed to figure out her password.

The Drudge Report says that it has confirmed the authenticity of many of the numbers, presumably a polite way of saying they’ve been crank calling Anna Kournikova and Lindsay Lohan all weekend. The FBI has reportedly opened an investigation.
Click Here

Files exposed to the world also include Paris’ travel habits, airline and hotel preferences, along with her private notes.

The information landed online just days after hacker Nicolas Jacobsen pled guilty to a single charge of intentionally accessing a protected computer and recklessly causing damage. Jacobsen was arrested by US authorities last October, but had had access to T-Mobile’s servers for more than a year. He reportedly amused himself by accessing US Secret Service email, and raiding other Sidekick users’ accounts.

William Genovese, a friend of Jacobsen’s in the hacker community, told Security Focus that Jacobsen sent him pictures of celebrities, purportedly snapped with their camera phones. Genovese faces unrelated charges for allegedly selling leaked Microsoft source code.

While Paris must by now be used to being overexposed online, many of the people in her little black book were less than pleased with the leak. According to the Drudge Report, one starlet said “I gave her my number after we met in Miami, I did not know she f**king kept it on her cellphone!”

Reality TV star Victoria Gotti told New York Daily News that she had received over 100 phone calls in two hours. “It’s driving me insane,” she said.

Setting up the house!

Ok. Here is what I did over the weekend.

  • Signed up for the hosting package @ jodohost. Got a nice deal. Thanks to JD again for the referral ;)
  • The package is pretty good. Do check it out here. Got lot of features.
  • The registration process went on without any problem, and my account was ready almost instantly. Fully automated. Got mails too @ every step.
  • Next step was setting up the account. And, moving my homepage. No problems here too. FTP zindabad.
  • Then changed my nameservers @ my registrar. This process would take around 48hrs to reflect across the globe. So, by now, the DNS info should be updated all around the globe.
  • Did a lot of R&D on the HSphere interface provided by jodohost to manage the site. Its cool, and easy to use. The account has tons of options.
  • Hmm.. Next upon the list was, mails! Setup all my mail accounts and forwards. Now, I can do some filtering, (Spam and Antivirus) @ this level itself. Hopefully, this will give me some relief from spam
  • End of day 1 (Saturday ; 3 AM)
  • Day 2. WordPress installation and setup
  • Downloaded WordPress @ home. Uploaded it.
  • Created a mySQL Database
  • Started the installation script. ……… It bombed :).. Why ? bcoz, I had given read/write privileges to the db user. Actually, I had to give lot of other privileges too. So, set it up using phpMySQL and again executed the install script. No issues this time at all. And the entire thing was done within 5 mins. That’s what the wordpress guys promise !
  • Got familiar with wordpress. The next step was to move my existing stuff from blogger to my new home!
  • WordPress comes with a import utility for this job. The instructions are pretty clear, and the process is pretty simple. While executing this script, I came across some errors. dateYMDhour column is actually missing in the new table structure of WP 1.5. It has been changed to user_registered. So, I had to modified the script which imports the posts. Also, there is one more script which needs to be modified. Then, the imports went on fine.
  • Almost done. Next up was templates for WP. There are lot of them on the net. Just search google!. Currently, I am using Quentin. I will have to do some tweaking to this template or may change the template with my own version! So watch out!

That’s about it!.
Next up : Making this blog an integral part of my site !

Do let me know your comments !

New Home!


I have finally done it! This is the new location of my blog.
I have moved to a new host, and moved out of blogger. All my previous posts are available here.

Currently, I playing with wordpress templates, plugins etc. So, you can expect to see some changes to this page and my site in the next couple of days! :)

More updates later.

whois source ! Review

I was searching for a good host for my website and this blog, and I came across this great site on whois search from one of the forums that I was going through.

This one is really different one.
It displays a screen shot of the site + whois record of the site + host of other information, including where exactly the site is hosted, and how many other sites are hosted on the same server ! :)

Cool na ? !

Give it a try :

Also have a look at :

Me doing R&D on wordpress, and my friend JD has suggested for web hosting!. So, doing some R&D on that too.