Monthly Archive: January 2005

Petit day @ our company

Its been a very busy week. We had our petit day @ our company last Wednesday (26th jan). It was fun to be with kids :) Around 50 kids turned out. It was a real cool day. All of us, kids, parents, volunteers had loads of fun.

Come Saturday & we went on for a program called Rural Reach Program (RRP). At a very high level, its going to some rural school, with some computers, and spreading computer awareness. The entire program is conducted in Kannada, the regional language.

The goal is to makes the kid aware of computers, and to get the fear of computers out of them!. Believe it or not, there are kids who are afraid to touch computers! (as if its going to eat them :D)…. So, this program helps.

This time, we went to a rural school around 50 kms away from mangalore. (a place called Noojibailu, in bantwal taluk). Around 200 kids from 5th, 6th, and 7th grade took part in this program. Yes., we are aware that we can make the kids 100% computer literate, but this is just a starting point. Just the ignition for the flame to start.

But, IT is picking up even in rural areas. I have been to RRP’s in the past to other schools too, but this time around, when I asked the question, “How many of you have actually seen and used a PC?”, almost all the 200 hands went up !…………That’s just great.

My next question was..”Who invented computers ?”, and to my surprise, I could hear “Charles Babbage” loud and clear !

Photography contest!

There was a photography contest @ the kite festival. And, I am all set to send around 15 snaps to the contest. Just giving it a try.

I took out the prints at prolab (balmata-mangalore), and the quality of the prints are outstanding. Its digital prints. I was charged Rs. 15 for a 6×9 print.

The rules of the contest say that, they wont be returning the photos back. … So,… I have two minds now…… :) Anyway, I am just a beginner, and let me give it a try.

Digital photography is pretty cheap once you have bought the camera :).. The initial investment is quite huge, but after that, its only the cost of printing the photos. In the mangalore, they charge around Rs. 5.00 – Rs. 5.50 for a 4×6 print. No more buying rolls, and development charges etc..

And now a days, even the prices of the digital camera are falling. One can get a decent point and shoot camera with 5 MP resolution for around 5k. For people with budget constraints, I suggest canon A95 (5MP) or Canon A80 (4MP). Check out for detailed review!

Kite Festival @ Mangalore

Had been to the kite festival @ Mangalore – Beach side. ………. Wow ! what a crowd. Never thought soo many people would turn up. We hit the beach a bit late, and the first indication of the crowd came, when we could not find space to park our cars!. Then we had to park our cars around 1.5 kms away from the beach. then started our long march, as if, it were the great migration of African jungle… We finally reached the beach at around 5.30 PM, which was crowded to the max wit lots of kites flying around !.

Managed to click some snaps…..with my rebel. Many of the shots that i took were shaky, bcoz at full zoom on 75/300 mm lens, its very difficult to be stable !!.. Next. … i have to save money for IS (image stabilizer)lens :)

Comments, most welcome!

Wow ! Looks Cool

Play in the sky

Director of the Play

Hello ! Hi ! How are you ?

A small Girl trying the art, and a camera man trying to capture her !

The camera man and the crowd

The crowd and the ballon

Yes ! Thats our kite!

I am shooting tooo !

The thread of control

End of the day!

25 updates : long awaited ones

Yes. I am alive !!!…… Thats the most important update. Its more then 2 months now since i wrote anything out here.

Anyway, here are the updates from my end !

1. i am alive -> the most important update.
2. very busy with work -> bla bla bla .. the usual stuff
3. looking forward for some change in nature of work. (any pointers?)
4. Tsunami ! ->bad; ….lot of money came in. I hope that atleast some of it goes to the needy
5. My wife was away all this while at bangalore on a 1.5 month assignment. Today is her last day at bangalore on that assignment. she would be back in mangalore for good 2morrow.
6. My Digital Rebel rocks. me still at a very amateur level. :(. there is sooo much to learn when it comes to photography
7. nice Q3 results of our company. so, things are getting better.
8. bought a tripod for my camera from jjmehta. did a online transaction. no issue. smooth transfer. very good service. Me Impressed! model : VPT-2400 -> Vivitar.
9. rss feeds have become part of my life…….now i use bloglines extensively. its my source of information.
10. i also keep a watch over google news.
11. I am locked on to Firefox. use IE only when some pages which are coded by MS Centric people!
12. Sent out around 600 mails on new year, wishing people. *Update : got appx 350 replies!!!.
13. A friend of mine called me up after 1 yr ….. (SSS)
14. Installed a outlook plugin called spambayes, basically to take care of spam. Its been good so far.
15. Dec 15th was my 1st wedding annv !!!!. Its already one year since we got married. ……i was in bangalore that day with my wife. … we had a nice time!

further …Since my wife was in blr, i traveled to bangalore twice in dec. freaked out at forum. watched the movie aitraz…(its a good hindi movie..for a change!).
16. USB drive and bluetooth adapter … both have become a part of my daily wear ! :)
17. @ home, moved on to airtel – home 128 package. 24 hrs 128kbps access with no limits on download.
18. downloaded mandrake 10.1 official and fedora core 3. installed both. did some R&D. yet to find time to get my USB ADSL modem working………..(help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.) If that works, then i think i will totally trash windows xp! :)
19. downloaded quite a lot of movies using P2P. shareaza rocks. Yet to see the movies though! :)
20. lot of my friends/classmates at my company r now in US……………on duty.
21. My friend/relative got engaged (AKS_ADSH)…….
22. My cousin got engaged. (@karkal)
23. bought a dvd writer (Sony DVD RW DW-18A). burnt some DVDs. ………cool!
24. installed picasa2 from google. it rocks, specially if u have lot of photos on your machine. Installed adobe reader 7 too. nice. very fast.!! do install both of them!
25. Went to bekal fort recently. It was a triped planed at a notice of 30 mins :) enjoyed it :)

almost every day, so far, i have been thinking of updating the blog. !! :) but some how, i miss out. but now, mission accomplished!

those were some quick updates! :)
hopefully, i would be updating this more often from now on ! :)
wish me luck!