Monthly Archive: November 2004

Updates after a long time!

Its quite some time since I posted here!………..and yes, you guessed it right!. I was busy with work, and also, with the new toys that have come from US! :)

Here goes the list!

Photo Gear :
1. Canon Digital Rebel 300d
2. 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens
3. 512 * 2 CF cards (sandisk ultra ii and transcend)
4. Extra Battery
5. CF Card reader
6. A cute bag to hold it all

Cellular /Phone :
1. Nokia 6600
2. 64 MB MMC card
3. A bellsouth $10 cordless phone :)

Storage :
1. 1GB Pen Drive – Sandisk Mini cruiser
2. 160 GB External USB HDD (maxtor).

Photogear……………. Excellent. The quality of images is just too good. no issues at all. Will post some shots that I managed to take in the past few days! The CF card is huge enuf to hold all the snaps….. on a 512 MB card, at full resolution, (6.3 MP), I can store appx 170 snaps. So, no issues. The 75-300mm lens is a zoom lens, and is pretty decent. Only problem is, I have to shoot at very low shutter speeds to avoid shakes / blur images………. or go for a tripod! (that’s next on my list!) The other lens (18-55mm – kit lens) is decent enuf, and the photos do come like real life.

Cell ……… Great phone. Got this one on eBay for a good price. But the screen has a dead pixel (only!). Rest seems fine. no issue. Did lot of R&D on the phone, and loaded tons of s/w , mp3, ringtones, videos etc on the 64 MB card! Bluetooth rocks. No more data cables and stuff like that. Only thing is, I had to buy a bluethooth USB dongle for my PC. Got one for Rs. 999 on baazee. Works fine. I did have some problems initally, but now that seems to have resolved after some r&d. :) Yet to do full r&d on the cord-less phone.

Storage! ………….. the external harddisk looked really portal on the website when I bought it online. It was mentioned as “Ultra Slim”!……………but it turned out to be really bulky!. So, now the external harddisk has become a internal harddisk on my home PC!…………Basically, I removed the external casing, (IDE to USB converter), and turned it into a internal harddisk. The 1 GB mini cruiser is real handy, and great to transfer files across.

Did some upgrades to my home PC. Added and additional 256 MB RAM!………..Actually, this one is a diwali gift from my mom! :)……………. I preferred the RAM to the clothes! :) . So, now I got 512 MB of DDR RAM on my home PC, and its behaving much better.

I also added a PCI card, which gives me USB 2.0 Ports. I did have USB 1.1 on my mother board, but its damn slow, and I don’t like to wait for ages together to transfer the photos/data.

Will soon post more on the above items and some shots form my brand new camera!