@ office me got a new pc! acer (APLSe) ; 2.8 GHz/512MB ; flat panel screen with built in speaker + a scroll mouse which was very much needed!……… But, the mouse seems to be a bit creepy.. need to replace it.

Releasing my old dell machine back. And to my surprise, i found that my old HDD (dell) had some problems. I lost some data (not so important), but it was a eye opener. -> hdd giving CRC error!! not a good sign.

Lot of work -> moving data, installing new s/w ………. starting from A!

Title of this blog has changed. I have now associated it with my domian name!..

One more update : me going to chennai today on a personal trip, will be back next tuesday.

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  1. red cat

    how can I get a free domain name? :(

    can you help me…??

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