Firefox 1.0PR installed

Its almost a week since the Firefox .10 version was released (1.0PR). I had on purpose delayed the install of this version., basically because of the non-availability of my favorite extensions.

Today I decided to give it a try. Downloaded the installation, and the installed it over the existing version. I was just wondering what would happen to my existing extensions and themes….

The first start up took a little while to start. But, then it promptly informed me that the extensions that I had were not compatible, and to my surprise, it found out the latest updates/versions of the extensions and themes… ……. I gave the green signal , it downloaded the required updates.

After doing that, I had to still download some extensions and themes, but at the end of it, I am back, in around 10 mins, with all the extensions ~except one – tab pref ~

Browser rendering is pretty much fast. …..features are more or less same. Some features are added – like find as you type now, had a bar at the bottom, which is very helpful. There is a RSS integration (live bookmarks)….

Some features have changed. For eg, changing a theme, now needs a restart of the browser to take effect, which was not the case earlier.

Go for it. Its getting better!!