Idea Behind the Internet and WWW .. My thoughts!

The basic idea behind internet and WWW was to share data across all platforms, without being dependent on one specific platform. But, as of today, there are still loads of websites which are specific to the M$IE browser !..which is bad. These sites do not work on other browser, forcing the users to use ONLY M$IE and indirectly -> M$ platform/M$.

This leads to monopoly on the net!. Everything then depends on M$. (just watch the fun when WinXP SP2 is released, and the amount of kios it creates in the corporate world!!)

Calling all web-developers NOT to develop IE centric code. May it be intranet or Internet!.

On the net, if you come across a site specially a e-com site, which works only on M$IE, kindly make the admin / webmaster of that site aware about this problem, and ask them to support all major browsers, and get rid of IE specific code.

You might have this question in your mind : “Whats the problem with monopoly ? Anyway IE is free ???????”

Yes, IE is free,.. but its free with Windows, and you need to pay for windows.
But “free or not free” is not the question. The question is how secure IE is ? how fast IE is ? how good IE is ?

I have see quite of lot of my friends how have got thousands of spywares installed on their machine without their knowledge. -> Stealing information, keystrokes, and what not!..Only God knows!!

I have also seen cases where there are alteast 6 ad-bars (or whatever you call them ) in the IE window.. That leave around 50% of the screen space for browsing!, which is really sick!

Use Firefox for sometime., ………Initially, you might feel that its a bit different, but once you start using it, and get used to it, you will never stop using it!