Monthly Archive: September 2004


@ office me got a new pc! acer (APLSe) ; 2.8 GHz/512MB ; flat panel screen with built in speaker + a scroll mouse which was very much needed!……… But, the mouse seems to be a bit creepy.. need to replace it.

Releasing my old dell machine back. And to my surprise, i found that my old HDD (dell) had some problems. I lost some data (not so important), but it was a eye opener. -> hdd giving CRC error!! not a good sign.

Lot of work -> moving data, installing new s/w ………. starting from A!

Title of this blog has changed. I have now associated it with my domian name!..

One more update : me going to chennai today on a personal trip, will be back next tuesday.

Firefox 1.0PR installed

Its almost a week since the Firefox .10 version was released (1.0PR). I had on purpose delayed the install of this version., basically because of the non-availability of my favorite extensions.

Today I decided to give it a try. Downloaded the installation, and the installed it over the existing version. I was just wondering what would happen to my existing extensions and themes….

The first start up took a little while to start. But, then it promptly informed me that the extensions that I had were not compatible, and to my surprise, it found out the latest updates/versions of the extensions and themes… ……. I gave the green signal , it downloaded the required updates.

After doing that, I had to still download some extensions and themes, but at the end of it, I am back, in around 10 mins, with all the extensions ~except one – tab pref ~

Browser rendering is pretty much fast. …..features are more or less same. Some features are added – like find as you type now, had a bar at the bottom, which is very helpful. There is a RSS integration (live bookmarks)….

Some features have changed. For eg, changing a theme, now needs a restart of the browser to take effect, which was not the case earlier.

Go for it. Its getting better!!

Movable-Type ….

For the past couple of months, blogs have become the “hot” stuff on the net!…. Was seeing different types of blogging systems available.

Offcourse, there is the one that I use. Very simple to use., and good for beginners.

Since I had explored most of the features, my attention shifted to other blogging systems. The most powerful and prominent one is the Movable type!…. (note the spelling!).

Its more like an application. Its basically a content management system written in Perl script. The entire stuff itself is around 2 MB+ download. It can run on any webserver which can execute Perl Scripts, and has some basic support for database. I decided to try it out!…….

Downloaded the entire package. Licensing is free for personal use! .. so no cracking/ hacking required !!….. Installed it on my office comp. (I had IIS 6 on my comp + Perl). Installation was pretty simple. just unzip the zip file.. and create some virtual directories.

Then there was a procedure to initialize the system. That is where I ran into problem. One of the Perl libraries (DB_File) was not present on my system. Its not installed by default by the Perl installation. So, I had to download the file (PPD) and install it using the PPM (Perl package manager)……… The problem was,… PPM was trying to connect to some website (repository) and it could not.. since I was behind the proxy of my company!… … did some googling and found that I had to set up some env. Variables for DOS!…. (http_proxy, some username and password env variables..too)………………….

But that still did not solve the problem, did more research on google, and found that there was a program called ppm2 which is also there by default…….used it, and it work fine!……..

Started movabletype system., and created a test blog……………

My comments on movable type :

  • Pretty decent one -You have full control of the blog
  • Not many templates available on the net as of now! (if someone knows please let me know!) – May be the idea is to let the author of the blog comeout with his template as per his/her requirement!
  • Pretty fast. – Depends on how fast your server is!.
  • requires lot of space on the server. 2 MB just for the application itself!!
  • You can import all your blogs from to movable type…not a problem
  • The instruction/help is very good.
  • May be some day, when I host my website on a good decent server, I will switch over to movabletype. So, for now, its
  • Not a good option for newbies… is still easy to use, virtually no setup!

Looking for a RSS / Blog reader ?

RSS feed is the in-thing now a days, and we have thousands of RSS feed readers. We have readers for almost all the platforms.

But recently I cam across bloglines, a web-based rss reader. A cool and decent one. And since its web-based, you can read your feed from any machine/ any place – Home – Work!…

And the best part : Its free to use!

You can also download a Notifier which sits in your system tray and tell you when you have a new article/news item.

Read my Blog using bloglines by clicking on the image given below:

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Idea Behind the Internet and WWW .. My thoughts!

The basic idea behind internet and WWW was to share data across all platforms, without being dependent on one specific platform. But, as of today, there are still loads of websites which are specific to the M$IE browser !..which is bad. These sites do not work on other browser, forcing the users to use ONLY M$IE and indirectly -> M$ platform/M$.

This leads to monopoly on the net!. Everything then depends on M$. (just watch the fun when WinXP SP2 is released, and the amount of kios it creates in the corporate world!!)

Calling all web-developers NOT to develop IE centric code. May it be intranet or Internet!.

On the net, if you come across a site specially a e-com site, which works only on M$IE, kindly make the admin / webmaster of that site aware about this problem, and ask them to support all major browsers, and get rid of IE specific code.

You might have this question in your mind : “Whats the problem with monopoly ? Anyway IE is free ???????”

Yes, IE is free,.. but its free with Windows, and you need to pay for windows.
But “free or not free” is not the question. The question is how secure IE is ? how fast IE is ? how good IE is ?

I have see quite of lot of my friends how have got thousands of spywares installed on their machine without their knowledge. -> Stealing information, keystrokes, and what not!..Only God knows!!

I have also seen cases where there are alteast 6 ad-bars (or whatever you call them ) in the IE window.. That leave around 50% of the screen space for browsing!, which is really sick!

Use Firefox for sometime., ………Initially, you might feel that its a bit different, but once you start using it, and get used to it, you will never stop using it!

Firefox 1.0 PR released

Firefox .10 Preview Release has been released!………Yet to try it out., but sounds cool!

Get Firefox!
People still using IE,….its high time to move on to firefox. Trust me, its really safe, cool, fast, and real fundu!

City of mysore!

Me in mysore on duty. got to deliver a course on RDBMS to the fresh entrants! (aka trainees). So, pretty busy. No major updates.

Mysore city is very dull, compared to Mangalore!. May be, people from mysore think the other way round!

The climate itself is very lethargic!., you feel like sleeping all the time :)

more updates next week, when I will be back from Mysore. (or may be if I find time in between)