Monthly Archive: August 2004 being ripped off!

I am regular vistor of the dpreview site. Was surprised to find this post by Phil! This seems to be really bad on part of the chinese!

I have even heard that piracy in china is encouraged by the government!! … good going!

We do have piracy in india, but the government does not support it. But, if the government encourages you, then there is little that can be done about it!

Just to say hi!

Got some hands-on with Macromedia Flash MX. Once you get the basic concept right, its pretty simple and easy. But it might take some time to get the basic idea. Found it pretty simple to use.

Been pretty busy for the past few days. Got marathon training session to delivery. around 3 weeks at a stretch..

Will try my best to keep the blog updated :)

Graphics ? – Illustrator it is!

For the past few days, I am into vector graphics!….. Its a bit different from the normal graphics work that I do!

The entire concept of vector graphics is a bit “different”. You have lot of flexibility. Its takes a bit of time to understand the funda’s, but then its pretty simple and very powerful.

Adobe Illustrator CS is really coool. Not tried out other software/tools, but this seems real cool.

Why am I into this ? .. well, got to design a logo for one of the units within our company!.

I am become a graphics man @ workplace :)……… Its just a hobby for me…was never a profession! :).., but I love it!……………

Adobe Photoshop CS + Adobe Illustrator CS + Creativity => Anything is possible!

aDSL Modem Blues…

Here is more on my adventures with broadband!

…. As a part of the touchtel package, we get a USB DSL modem on rental basis (Rs. 49 per month, included in the Rs. 700)

Initially, I was given a modem from beetel!…..

It had a beetel logo on it!. The installation went on without any problems…. And I was online in just a couple of mins. Was online for around 10 mins without any issues when the tech guy was around.

That night, I connected, and to my surprise, I got disconnected every 2 to 3 mins !….the connection was not at all stable.

Called up the tech guys again, and told them about the problem. They came down immediately the next day, checked the wiring etc., and finally, found the bug. It was got something to do with some settings on the server side, which was corrected, and after that no more disconnects !

Then started the real fun!…….. Now, I had stable connections without any disconnections!…:) => time to open up shareaza and make full use of my bandwidth :)………..

Started shareaza, and with a couple of mins after running shareaza, I got the blue screen of death on windows XP!. Boooom…….. Did major research on the net, and found that this was to with the modem drivers.

Tried to search for the latest version of the drivers,… and in the process came to know that the modem is actually manufactured by a Japanese company! and actually, its called TERA 100U !!..with a globespanvirata chipset. …the entire site is in Japanese. no english!., but still managed to get the drivers, and found that they are the same version as I had ! Then searched for some generic globespanvirata drivers!,…only to find that the company is taken over by conexant and could not find anything significant at conexant!

Only option left was to get back to tech guys!.. And to my surprise, the tech guy was really helpful and understanding. Without questions, he straight away replaced the modem. This time, a modem manufactured in Delhi!! with a proper conexant chipset. No more blue screen of death!.

Now all P2P programs rock!

Actually, this problem is more noticeable while running any P2P programs. i.e, its got something to do with the way in which these program work ! (may be opening up lot of connections..etc). Infact, I was able to reduce the frequency of the crash by changing the connection settings in shareaza. But could not avoid it altogether. But now, with the other modem, no problems at all. Not seen the blue screen of death since then.

All I can say is, the touchtel customer care is pretty good., and very responsive. Keep it up guys!

Athens 2004 – India gets a Silver!!

Its really a great moment for every indian !. Finally, today, India has got a Silver Medal!

Shooter Rathore strikes silver

Ace Indian shooter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore provided the silver lining to India’s dismal showing at the Athens Olympics when he finished second in the final of the men’s double-trap shooting event at the 28th Olympic Games in Athens on Tuesday.

Why is every indian so proud about this ?

The only other athletes to ever win individual medals for India at the Olympics are Khashba Jadhav, in the 1952 Helsinki Games, Leander Paes, at Atlanta in 1996, and Karnam Malleshwari, in Sydney 2000. All won bronze medals.

Hopes are high!…..All the best to the Indian Team !