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Inhouse thief!…

for the past 2 days the n/w at the work place is full of ups and downs. Some worm has clogged the n/w!.. and this one is a real different one!

It seems to me that someone internally has don’t some mischief! Very difficult to trace a thief, who is within your house!.

The whole of the internet was not affected !…….nor did any of the antivirus firms report anything.

Now, on the path of recovery!

The joy of giving!

Got a gmail invite in each of my accounts today. i.e., exactly 1 week after I created the accounts….and within seconds, I exhausted both of them ! :)

One to a friend of mine, and other to a colleague of mine.

Now waiting for more invites! :)

Initially, I was thinking of putting the invites up here on this blog, if there was no demand, since gmail had released out lot of invitations a week before!…

Anyway, if the demand goes down, will put it up here in the blog in the future!

Body As Network – Patent for Microsoft :)

One more weird patent granted! Great guys. Really wondering about the practical use of this patent! (and the IQ level of the people who granted this patent!)

This is what PC World has to say :

Microsoft Patents Body-As-Network

A human conduit could distribute power across wearable devices, developer says.

Stephen Lawson, IDG News Service
Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Microsoft has a patent on a new kind of network: Your body.

The software giant has received a U.S. patent for a “method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body.” An application for the patent, No. 6,754, 472, was filed in 2000 and awarded this week.

Microsoft proposes linking portable devices such as watches, keyboards, displays, and speakers using the conductivity of “a body of a living creature.”

Powering Devices

A variety of devices could be powered selectively from a single power source carried on the body, via multiple power supply signals at different frequencies, according to the patent abstract. In addition, data and audio signals could be transmitted over that same power signal. The power source and devices would be connected to the body via electrodes.

In the patent application, Microsoft says the company set out to address the proliferation of small handheld or wearable devices with redundant parts for input and output of data, such as separate speakers in a watch, a radio, and a personal digital assistant. If all those devices were networked, they could all share one speaker, the company suggests. Personal wireless networks have potential problems involving power consumption, interference and security, and batteries add weight and are inconvenient to replace or recharge, according to Microsoft.

A Microsoft spokesperson on Wednesday confirmed the company has been awarded the patent. Microsoft did not immediately provide any details of product plans for the technology.

Practical Uses

The idea of using the body to transmit power among devices is not new, according to Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney. However, small batteries and wireless personal-area network technologies such as Bluetooth may be a more practical approach, he says.

“Think about the problems of always having to have things touching your body,” Dulaney says. “I think this could be one of those technologies that’s interesting but not practical in the long run.”

One area in which the body could be useful as a network conduit might be useful is with medical devices, he adds.


Well… Gestures are……gestures, and now we have mouse gestures!

Yes.. its a extension (aka plugin) available for Firefox. Once you install this plugin, you don’t need to go all the way up to the back button to go back!. All you need to do is, press the right button of ur mouse, and drag ur mouse to the left. IA, you are making a gesture that you want to go back.

To go forward ? yes.. you guessed it right. .. Right mouse button + move your mouse to the right.

To refresh -> Right mouse button + move mouse up and down ! As simple as that.

there around 25+ mouse gestures..very helpful and time saving and fundu!

got a reply from gmail team

This is what the gmail team replied!, and yes, the problem was resolved yesterday itself.


Thank you for your report. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. The issues you described should now be resolved. If you continue to experience difficulties, please respond to this email, and we will investigate further.


The Gmail Team

Microsoft Hotmail joins the storage club!

Better late then never!….Starting July 1st, hotmail will have 250 MB of storage., and some other features.

But, still 4 times less then gmail, and feature wise……..much behind gmail!

Here is the article from PCWorld :

Hotmail Storage Jumps to 250MB

Microsoft enhances antivirus features, refines paid services in quiet answer to Google, Yahoo.

Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service
Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The domino effect Google started in April by announcing plans for a free e-mail service with 1GB of inbox storage continues, with Microsoft promising on Wednesday to boost Hotmail inbox capacity to 250MB from the current 2MB.

The storage increase for Hotmail will be rolled out starting in July in the U.S. and other countries, says Lisa Gurry, director of Microsoft’s MSN Internet division.

“The landscape has changed regarding users’ need for extra e-mail storage and we don’t want storage to be an issue for any Hotmail user,” she says.

Gurry declines to reveal the geographical rollout schedule, but says Microsoft plans to eventually extend the bigger inboxes to all 170 million Hotmail subscribers. Asked if Microsoft is responding to Google’s 1GB e-mail service, which is still in a test phase, Gurry declined to discuss Gmail specifically, saying only that Hotmail is responding to customer feedback.

Yahoo last week announced it is boosting the inbox size for its free Web-based e-mail service from 4MB to 100MB.

Other New Features

Another enhancement to the Hotmail service is the capability to send attachments up to 10MB in size, up from a previous e-mail maximum size of 1MB including attachments. Microsoft is also now cleaning viruses in infected outgoing or incoming e-mail messages, Gurry says. Previously, Microsoft scanned all outgoing and incoming Hotmail e-mail messages, but didn’t clean them, she says.

All Hotmail users worldwide will receive this feature in July, she adds. Microsoft is providing this antivirus service in partnership with Network Associates’ McAfee unit. Microsoft also provides McAfee antivirus tools through its MSN service. As it has done in the past, Microsoft will continue providing antispam features in Hotmail, in partnership with Brightmail, she says.

Microsoft is also readying a new fee-based e-mail service called MSN Hotmail Plus, which will offer users 2GB of inbox storage and the capability to send 20MB attachments, for $19.95 yearly. Previously, Hotmail users could buy extra storage on top of the standard 2MB that the free service features at different price levels. Additional storage started at $19.95 per year for 10MB and a maximum attachment size of 3MB. The highest tier, at $59.95 yearly, offered 100MB of storage and a maximum attachment size of 20MB. Hotmail Plus users also get the benefit of not receiving graphical advertisements.

Yahoo has opted to provide a similar arrangement, by eliminating its tiered extra storage offers for its Web-based e-mail service. Instead, users can choose one fee-based plan of $19.99 yearly which provides 2GB of inbox storage.

Bye bye Baazee. Hello!

Update : 25-Mar-2005 -> Finally, is now pointing to and not

Update : 28-Jun-2005 -> Seems like even is pointing to the ebay India site.

I knew this was going to happen, but not soo soon!

First it was baazee buying and now, ebay buying baazee..! Typical example of bigger fish eating the smaller ones!

I have used both of them (or all three of them, including bidorbuyindia). The transition would be interesting!…would like to see how they would manage the transition.

Associated Press
EBay to Buy India’s Inc.
06.23.2004, 06:47 AM

Internet marketplace eBay Inc. said Wednesday that it agreed to purchase Indian e-commerce site Inc. for about $50 million, plus acquisition costs and post-signing adjustments.

eBay said it doesn’t expect the acquisition to hurt 2004 revenue and earnings per share, nor does the company plan to alter its first-quarter earnings guidance announced in April.

The company expects to close the acquisition in the third calendar quarter of 2004. currently has more than one million confirmed registered users who trade in a wide range of categories from consumer electronics and computers, to home decor and jewelry.

Meg Whitman, president and CEO of eBay, said, “Although it’s early days for e-commerce in India, we believe there is great opportunity over the long term.’s strong management team and solid focus on its community make it a natural fit with eBay.”

There are currently 17 million Internet users in India, and that number is expected to grow to more than 30 million in 2006, according to IDC’s Internet Commerce Market Model.

FireFox really Reloaded!

Have been using firefox 0.9 for sometime now in office..and I think I wont stop using it!. The more I use it, the more better it gets :)

Today I discovered some new feature. Not sure if was in older versions of firefox.

If you want to search some words in a webpage., just type those words. It basically searches for those words. Its the find feature! (no more ctrl+f -> type -> enter).

Also, the tabs helps you reduce desktop clutter. Else, I will have atleast 10 MSIE windows open a any point of time! That’s one major advantage.

There is download manager too….

Still not able to Login!

Its almost 2 days, an i cant login to my gmail account!
No news from google tech support either..

No invite(s) so far on the other account either. Something is on!

Will update on the matter when my account would be fine.