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Microsoft SP2 will run on pirated Windows XP

Microsoft SP2 will run on pirated Windows XP

Microsoft SP2 will run on pirated Windows XP

Shiver me timbers, strike the mainbrace and the like

By Tamlin Magee: Monday 10 May 2004, 10:08

MICROSOFT IS SET to release the new Windows XP service pack (SP2) for all XP users – that includes users with pirated copies.
Product manager Barry Goffe told Computer Times that Microsoft “haven’t explicitly done anything to SP2 to exclude it from pirated copies”. Whereas SP1 had features built in to prevent pirates from downloading it, the SP2 patch can be installed on all XP computers.

One of the main reasons Microsoft is making the SP2 patch open to all users is the increasing risk of trojans and worms being spread online. Not only does this have an effect on the infected computer, but on the rest of the internet as a whole, Microsoft says.

The SP2 includes a built in firewall, which will be turned on by default, that automatically locks ports common for worm-writers to use. Another feature with the upgrade is a much more aggressive patching and updating system – instead of Windows pop-ups politely (but annoyingly) asking you to get updates, you’ll be constantly harassed until you do.

A nice little touch to the pack is the introduction of an anti-pop-up feature for Internet Explorer, which may turn a few customers back from the likes of Firefox and Opera.

Free CD copies of SP2 will also be made available. However, users may have to pay for shipping.

hahahah.. Its real fun to read such stuff. specially when it comes to microsoft!



Ahh.. finally a blog.. Been thinking of this idea for some time now.. Finally found some time to give it a try.

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