About me!

My Name:
Arjun Prabhu K

How to contact me?
Use this page to contact me!

My Studies:
Well, as a kid, I studied at the Canara group of institutes in Mangalore, i.e, up to my 12th Grade. After that i did my Engineering in Computer Science from Manipal Institute of Technology , Manipal (under Mangalore University)

What do I do for living ?
Since July 2002, I am working at Infosys Limited. I currently play the role of Sr. Technical Architect at Infosys. Check out my resume here. Interested to hire me ? Drop a mail!

Prior to Infosys, i worked for a short stint at Karnataka Regional Engineering College (now known as NITK – National Institute of Technology) as an Assistant Lecturer.

More about me:
I am… I am a very time conscious, committed, fun-loving and cool person. When it comes to work, I am very serious about it. I think a lot. I do have a lot of patience. I love to talk. And, I love humor. So, don’t ever wonder if you find me laughing all the time, cracking some joke or the other… Give me a job, and if I say I will do it, I will do it.

About Life…
Life ! Trust me, you will never ever ever ever ever..understand what life is till you are alive. But till now, my life has been pretty much ok, full of ups and downs. So, as of now, this is what I have to say of life. “Life is more or less like a game of snake and ladders. You are the top at some point of time, and at the very next moment, you are at square one. You never know what is in store for you. We just have to live with those ups and downs. Be happy with what we have

Yes. Very much.

My Interests:
Computers – programming, designing web pages, browsing the net, system maintenance-h/w& s/w, etc. I am also kind of good in graphics design – this is what people say!!. not sure if its true ;) . So, I end up doing quite a lot of posters, graphics etc for lot of people / groups within our company. Music – Listening to easy music. Not particular of the class of music, as long as I can tolerate the music.

I Hate…
People who are extremely non-committed. Who don’t know the value of time. I cant tolerate lies. That’s it I guess.. nothing more….

Day(s) Which I can never Forget :
Last day of college, 15th Dec 2001, 08/09th Jan 2002, 15th Jan 2002, 12-15th may 2002. 8th Jul 2002, 15th Dec 2003, 08th Feb 2008.

My Dreams :

  • To earn lot of money & respect.
  • To remove ‘the’ country which actively supports terrorism in the name of religion from the face of this planet, and make this world a more peaceful place to live.
  • To see India in a position better than other advanced countries like US…
  • And……… To make this site the best site on the net :-)

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